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Unlimited access to over 150k study programs in our database

Our program search engine allows you to search for programs without the hassle of visiting each university website individually. What makes our search engine unique:

  • An extensive database of over 150,000 study programs.
  • Filter by continent, country, discipline, subdiscipline, study level, delivery method, duration, start date, and program language.
  • One click away from all the program details, including entry requirements, tuition fees, intake periods, etc.

Explore more than 23,000 universities from across the globe

Nothing like a database of universities to simplify your study abroad journey.

  • Over 23,000+ institutions from around the world.
  • Narrow your search by continent, country, subject, and study level.
  • Find each university's profile, such as type, student number, programs, tuition fees, etc.

Full access to our scholarship database to finance your studies

Scholarships are a crucial part of the study abroad journey, and we make sure you have plenty to choose from.

  • Choose from over 300 scholarships.
  • Filter scholarships by type, country, degree level, field of study, provider, and amount.

Access Over 50 Exclusive Planning and Admission Advice Guides Inside Erudera Premium


How to Choose a Study Abroad Destination?

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How to Choose a Study Abroad Program?

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How to Study Abroad: Eligibility & Requirements FAQ

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How to Choose a University Abroad?

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How to Prepare Financially to Study Abroad? Funding Options & Tips

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How to Apply for Scholarships: Full Guide + FAQs

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How to Create the Perfect CV for College Application

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Letters of Recommendation for College: Everything You Need to Know

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How to Write a Statement of Purpose (SOP) [+Examples]

... and many other guides to help you find the right university and program, prepare well in advance to meet the admission requirements, and secure the required funds to cover the cost of living and tuition fees.

Finding Your Ideal University Is Not Always Easy and the Application Process Is Just Overwhelming

But, you don't have to do everything on your own! You can use our database to find the right study program for you, secure funding by applying to our curated list of scholarships, and have our education consultants help double-check your eligibility and application documents for you.

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  • Unlimited access to over 150k study programs in our database
  • Explore more than 23,000 universities from across the globe
  • Full access to our scholarship database to finance your studies
  • Advanced Filters for faster research and more personalized results
  • Apply with Erudera to selected universities*

Exclusive Content

  • Unlock our rich library of exclusive planning and admission advice guides
  • Learn from real application document examples of successful students
  • Participate in our Monthly Live Q&A Webinars

Admissions Support

  • Eligibility Check to see if you're ready and eligible to study abroad
  • Document Check to make sure you have all the required documents in order

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Why Apply Alone (or with an Agent) When You Can Use Erudera?

Erudera provides an easier, more enjoyable, and personalized experience with the added benefit of AI-driven insights and human expertise. Applying alone is time-consuming, stressful, and often lacks guidance and support, while working with an agent can be biased and limiting.








Apply Yourself

Limited by your research

High level of stress and effort required


Relies on personal knowledge and research skills

Self-directed with limited support

Limited by personal capacity


Apply with an Agent

Limited by agreements they have with universities

Less stress, but depends on the quality of the agent

Potentially biased towards programs that pay higher commissions

Agent may have knowledge and connections in certain fields

Personal support from an agent

Agent can speed up the process, but it depends on their skills

$1,000 - $2,000

Apply with Erudera

Unlimited access to all universities in our database

Enjoyable, personalized experience with AI support

Unbiased recommendation engine based on user's preferences

Combines AI-driven insights with human expertise

Comprehensive general support with personalized help at key moments

Platform optimized to move through different phases of the process fast


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We're here to help.

Due to changes in education systems and methodology, students might not always be eligible to apply to a specific program. Erudera performs an eligibility check and delivers an answer on whether or not the student can proceed with the application process. You can request up to 5 eligibility checks within a year.

Erudera supports most popular study destinations. Here is the list of countries covered by Erudera:

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Australia

It depends on the university and program requirements, but in general you will need the following documents to move forward with your application. You don't need to have all of them to begin the process, though.


  • Copy of passport
  • Transcript of records
  • Certificate of graduation
  • Certificate of English proficiency - IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test/Other
  • Personal statement
  • Reference letters
  • CV


  • Certificate of graduation/bachelor's degree

This depends whether we have a partnership with the university to process applications completely. Once you pass your eligibility check, we will let you know whether we can submit the application on your behalf. If we can't submit the application for you, we will provide you with additional support and resources so you can submit your application.

Erudera doesn't charge any fees for helping you with the application process if you have an active premium membership. You will get support in determining your eligibility as well as give you feedback on your application documents. Because of the large amount of students and in order to keep the membership price low, we only offer 1-on-1 support after you've passed your eligibility check. To help you pick a university and study program you can rely on our database and in-depth guides.

Note: University application fees, if any, and visa application fees are to be paid by the student.

While we will provide you with comprehensive guides and advice on the whole student visa application process, we don't provide any visa application processing or appointment services.

Erudera has over 150 thousand study programs on its database, which you can filter and sort depending on your preferences. Once you find the programs you are interested in, you add them to your personal shortlist, so you can apply in the future. Erudera will use your profile information and your shortlisted programs to generate new program recommendations for you automatically.

Although we list scholarships from different sources on our platform, we don't offer any scholarships directly at the moment and we don't provide scholarship application services.

Erudera will make sure your application documents that are required for admission at your chosen program are best prepared to increase your chances of admission. We will provide personalized feedback on your motivation letter and CV o maximize your results.

You can apply to any academic program you are eligible for. Eligibility depends on many factors such as your country of origin, whether the program is open to international students or not, your academic background, application deadlines, and more. Once you start the application process for a specific program, we will check your eligibility and give you the green light to move forward. If you're not eligible, you can request another eligibility check at no additional cost after 7 days.

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Join 1+ million students who used Erudera to support their educational journey.