Study LLM in Germany

Study LLM in Germany

LLM, or Master of Laws, is a postgraduate law degree that holds international recognition. In Germany, you can complete an LLM in law schools that rank among the top 100 best universities in the world for an LLM. After earning your degree, you can qualify for an average salary that ranges from €2,300 to €12,000 per month.

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LLM degrees in Germany include internships and various practical training that enhances your skills and advances your knowledge in your chosen field. An LLM program in Germany typically takes one to two years of full-time study. To be eligible for an LLM in Germany, you must meet specific requirements, some of which are general to all law schools and include:

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Work experience, which depends on the university but usually includes one year of professional experience.
  • Language requirements (English or German proficiency, depending on the language of instruction).

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Why Study LLM in Germany?

Germany makes the ideal study destination for LLM programs with its top-notch universities, facilities, research quality, and more. To increase your chances of admission to the excellent LLM programs in Germany, you can apply through the University Application Service for International Students (Uni-Assist), which reviews your documents and applies to your chosen university on your behalf.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Germany for LLM studies. Some of the most important include the following:

Research-Driven Course

In LLM programs in Germany, you will find a strong link between research and learning, practical relevance, and an international orientation. Many law schools in Germany have partnered with different law firms, which you can take advantage of when completing your internship. Your practical training might help you understand which law field you would like to work in after graduation.

Some of the LLM degrees you can pursue in Germany include the following:

  • LLM in German Law
  • International Law
  • Civil Law
  • Public Law
  • LLM in European and International Economic Law
  • LLM in Intangible Property Rights and Media Law
  • LLM in Finance
  • LLM in Insurance Law

Faculty Talent

In Germany, you will learn from pioneering scholars. Lecturers of LLM degrees in the country are committed to offering outstanding teaching quality, and law schools offer plenty of services from the moment you enroll and after graduation. Universities have a Career Office that serves as a contact point for students needing professional assistance.

Well-known legal scholars have helped shape the development of German jurisprudence, which has contributed to the quality of law programs in the country. So, if you take the chance and choose to study in a law school in Germany, you will set yourself up for guaranteed success.

Good Career Opportunities

Although the job market for legal professionals in Germany is quite competitive, you can find plenty of career opportunities after graduation. Some of Germany's most popular careers in the field of law include working as a barrister or solicitor. However, these are not the only options you have left after earning your LLM. Some job positions that you qualify for after an LLM degree in Germany include these professions and not only:

  • Law Professor
  • Diplomat
  • Judge
  • Government Official
  • International Trade Lawyer
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer

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