Fight the Santa Shortage - Study at These Top 7 Santa Schools to Become One

Santa Claus Shortage

Ever since countries around the world imposed total border closures, leading to closures of schools, universities, and colleges, including Santa schools, the world is experiencing an unprecedented Santa shortage this holiday season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to data by, an education search platform with the world’s largest database of universities, these are the top 7 Santa schools where you can be trained to become a professional Santa Claus and fight this shortage:

1. Charles W. Howard Santa School

Often referred to as the “Harvard of all Santa Schools”, Charles W. Howard Santa School in Midland, Michigan, is the oldest Santa school in the world. So far, the school has trained thousands of Santas from across the world.

The school, which was established in 1937 by a farmer in Albion, New York, is a non-profit organization with no paid employees. Nevertheless, costs for classes at this school start from £363 ($450) for a returning student to £766 ($950) for couples enrolling together.

Today, the school is led by Tom and Holly Valent, and each year enrolls around 300 new and returning students.

“As a little girl, I sat on Charles Howard’s lap, too. We were from a small town. Every child wanted to go to Christmas Park,” Holly Valent said, recalling the Christmas-themed Park with barns, a train, and some reindeer that Charles Howard had created.

2. The Ministry of Fun Santa School

The Ministry of Fun Santa School is located in the United Kingdom and is the oldest school where professional Father Christmases in the United Kingdom are trained.

“The training covers all aspects of the role, including history, character, costume, beards, voice, make-up and – most importantly of all – role play, in which we prepare Santa to be ready for anything so that he can create equal quantities of magic for even the naughtiest or shyest of child,” the Ministry of Fun Santa School writes in its website.

In 2016, the school trained the highest number of Santas ever in its history.

3. International University of Santa Claus

The International University of Santa Claus “School4Santas” was established in 2013. Since then, the school has awarded more than 4,700 diplomas to Santas from across the world and the United States.

“It is so surprising to believe that in 19 years, so many Santas and Mrs. Claus have graduated from the International University of Santa Claus,” the school notes.  

4. Best Santas’ Santa School

Best Santas Santa School is another place to be trained for the perfect Santa Claus. The school has a very carefully built curriculum and provides different tools and training for Santas. 

“We believe in Santa School because we’re passionate about teaching Santas how to do things differently–and way better–than they’re usually done,” Best Santas Santa School states. 

One of the benefits of studying in this school is that after graduation, Santas are awarded their Bachelors of Santa diploma and are added to the school’s team.

5. The Northern Lights Santa Academy

The Northern Lights Santa Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, also trains new and seasoned Santa Clauses, Mrs. Clauses, and Santa’s Helpers. Individuals interested to be trained for Santa can attend classes each spring and fall.

“Our mission is to promote excellence and foster the highest standards in our industry through diverse education, practical training and mentoring, and to enable each student to the best Santa, Mrs. Claus or Elf he or she can be.”

6. Professional Santa Claus School of Denver

Another place where you can attend Santa Claus comprehensive education and training, courses, classes, and conferences is Professional Santa Claus School of Denver. Established in 1983, the Professional Santa Claus School of Denver has supported and mentored more than 3000 professional Santas in their careers.

7. The Worldwide Santa Claus Network

Differently known as “The Stanford of Santa Schools”, the Worldwide Santa Claus Network is a professional school for Santa Clauses.

“Our mission is to be the most up-to-date, most comprehensive, most convenient, and least expensive Santa Claus school in the world.”

 It started as “The Santa Claus Conservatory” and now offers six levels of annual memberships.

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