International Students in California Create Over 55,000 Jobs

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International students in California helped create 55,167 jobs in the 2022/23 academic year through spending at their higher education institutions, living expenses and other costs, according to a report from NASFA: Association of International Educators.

During the same period, international students collectively contributed $40.1 billion to the US economy, supporting 368,333 jobs across the nation. In other words, according to NAFSA, for every three international students, one job is created in the US, reports.

California also hosts more international students than any other state in the United States. A report by, an education resource platform, shows 138,393 international students were studying in California in the 2022/23 academic year. These students contributed a total of $6 billion to the state's economy.

The number of international students in California increased slightly by 3.2 percent from the previous year. Most students in this state hailed from China, accounting for 37.5 percent of all students. India followed second with 18.4 percent.

These students contributed a huge amount to the University of Southern California, a total of $818 million, while supporting 9,323 jobs. The second academic institution where international students contributed significantly is the University of California-Berkeley, where students’ spending generated 5,295 jobs, and the financial contribution over the year stood at $528.6 million.

The third institution benefitting the most from international students is the University of California-San Diego. At this university, international students contributed a total of $489.5 million and generated 5,221 jobs.

Other universities that benefit from spending by international students as well, include:

Institution Economic Contribution Jobs Supported
University of California-Irvine $417.7 million 4,401 jobs
University of California-Los Angeles $409.9 million 4,236 jobs
University of California-Davis $394.7 million 4,244 jobs
Stanford University $271.9 million 3,069 jobs
University of California-Santa Barbara $249.7 million 2,698 jobs
San Jose State University $153 million 695 jobs
University of California-Riverside $117.7 million 1,254 jobs

In the 2022/23 academic year, the US welcomed 1,057,188 international students from more than 210 countries, according to the Open Doors Report for 2023.

“Over one million international students studying in the US reflects a strong rebound, with the number approaching pre-pandemic levels. This reinforces that the US remains the destination of choice for international students wishing to study abroad, as it has been for more than a century,” IIE CEO Allan Goodman said.

New York, Texas, Massachusetts, and Illinois made up the top five states hosting most international students in the US in 2022/23.

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