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12 Best Degrees to Work From Home

12 Best Degrees to Work From Home

Two benefits of working from home are a more flexible schedule and improved work-life balance. Due to the variety of employment opportunities they offer, some degrees can better prepare you for this kind of work. You can choose the degree that best suits your interests and skills by learning about some that can help you start a career from home.

Here are the best degrees to work from home:

  1. Web Design and Development
  2. Foreign Languages
  3. Writer
  4. Early Childhood Education
  5. Music
  6. Accounting
  7. Information Technology
  8. Marketing
  9. Business
  10. Psychology
  11. Graphic Arts
  12. Hospitality and Tourism

Web Design and Development

A career in website design and development may present amazing potential and employment stability, given that there are currently about 2 billion websites online, and this figure is only expected to increase. In addition to the need for fresh website design, it is also important to periodically update or add new features to older websites.

In many professions, gaining experience as a salaried professional is common practice before switching to a freelancer or contractor. To create a portfolio in this profession, however, you should start out as a freelancer before seeking salaried employment. But many successful freelancers continue to run their own businesses from home.

Foreign Languages

A degree in foreign languages may open up various home-based career options for you. You could work as a translator for the government or a private company if you become proficient. You could also work on a contract basis. Some foreign language translators offer oral services and regularly collaborate with people, while others translate written papers.

Your ability to work remotely could be affected by the type of translation you perform. For example, independent contractors and experts in written translation often work from home. Your pay may vary depending on your level of expertise and the language you are proficient in.

Although they can charge more, translators proficient in fewer popular languages might have fewer job opportunities. Consider learning several languages if you plan to work as a translator to maximize your earning possibilities.


Writing is one of the most popular work-from-home professions. Although you often don't need a degree to write professionally, getting specialized training in grammar, composition, and other important areas can help you succeed. To succeed in this industry, you need to generate high-quality materials quickly. English, Creative Writing, Journalism, and Copywriting degrees are common for freelance writers.

Today, many writers create content for websites, blogs, and online magazines. Other experts create print-based content such as books, technical manuals, news articles, and publications. Writing music lyrics and greeting cards are examples of creative alternatives.

Early Childhood Education

The field of early childhood teaching is one of the more traditional work-from-home professions. Most of the time, you may run a daycare out of your home without a degree, but you should look into local regulations related to insurance and licensing.

While some parents are relieved of finding a secure daycare setting that provides basic babysitting services, others would rather that their children spend some time each day engaging in age-appropriate educational activities.

A Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education will give you the credentials to offer your clients this added value. You can run a preschool out of your home instead of a daycare, which will enhance young children's lives and can be financially profitable for you.

You can give each child a level of individual care that is uncommon in a large preschool setting by running a preschool out of your home. This might be a major selling factor, allowing you to charge comparable or more fees than a large preschool.


Getting a degree in music can be a smart move if you have a unique interest or talent for it. You can earn a degree in music related to a particular instrument, composition, theory, or another topic.

A Bachelor of Arts is the most typical degree in this sector. With a 4-year degree in this field, many people work as music instructors in public or private schools. You can use your expertise to provide adults or children private lessons if working from home is more your style.

Another profitable possibility is songwriting. Instead of concentrating on one method of getting money, many musicians use their skills in several ways, such as giving lessons during the week and playing gigs on the weekends.


A career in accounting or a related financial profession can be an excellent choice if you enjoy dealing with numbers. You can start a career in this profession with a one-year certificate or an Associate's Degree in an appropriate field of study.

You can land a job as a bookkeeper or financial clerk working from home with these lesser levels of schooling. As a freelance bookkeeper, you can start a successful business.

Related professions include forensic accountants, forensic analysts, environmental accountants, financial advisors, and more. Even though many of these salaried positions require you to work from an office, you can work from home occasionally.

Information Technology

Many of the home-based jobs created due to technological advancements are in the information technology sector. A Bachelor of Science in Information Science, Computer Science, Information Technology, or Information Systems is a popular degree to seek for home-based jobs.

There are many IT-related degrees you can study. Gaining experience as a salaried professional right away could be essential. Some of these jobs require more time in an office setting.

However, many full-time IT jobs allow employees to work remotely, if only part-time. After several years of professional experience, some experienced IT experts switch to working independently. These are people who work for themselves and frequently do so from home. All IT sector personnel should plan to update and improve their skill sets for continued relevance continually.


The need for sophisticated social media specialists will probably continue to increase as social media usage becomes business essential across all industries. A social media manager is often responsible for developing a company's social media strategy and increasing engagement.

Social media managers often require a talent for storytelling, an eye for design, and the ability to analyze what engages with an audience—and what doesn't—to be effective in that position.

Thanks to its capacity to reach customers while gaining more insight into their needs, wants, and frustrations, social media is emerging as a crucial marketing channel. Additionally, it is widespread across industries. Businesses, brands, nonprofits, politicians, celebrities, and more all have accounts to interact with followers, so working as a social media manager can open up a number of career options.


A business degree is a smart move if you want to operate your own home-based business. There are various business degrees to take into consideration. You can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, or another degree of a similar nature in addition to a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

This degree has work-from-home opportunities in consulting, online enterprises, and entrepreneurship. For instance, starting an online retail store is just one of numerous alternatives. Business management and retail management are relevant majors. A different thought is to launch an online marketing company focusing on search engine optimization and other contemporary marketing techniques.


The study of human behavior, abnormal psychology, clinical psychology, and other topics are all covered in the psychology bachelor's degree. You will learn about topics including family counseling, theories of cognitive development, therapeutic interventions, and more as a psychology bachelor's student.

This 120-credit, four-year program can be completed online or on campus. A wide range of mental health treatments are now delivered online, especially with the help of videoconferencing technology like Zoom, making the online bachelor's in psychology a fantastic work-from-home degree.

Additionally, a degree in psychology is incredibly flexible. Graduates with a bachelor's in psychology can work in a number of fields, such as family counselor, human resources consultant, and personnel recruiter. It is also possible to start a private psychology practice in a home office and accept in-person and virtual patients.

Graphic Arts

The graphic arts bachelor's degree focuses on important graphic arts subjects like web development, animation, and digital illustration. With a graphic arts bachelor's degree, you can use your talents for artistic and commercial projects.

There is a demand for graphic designers who can produce distinctive and impactful work for print and online media. Given that you will be mainly expected to work independently and remotely in this profession, an online bachelor's degree in graphic arts is an excellent one if you want to land a job that allows you to work from home.

In fact, it's possible that one of the first remote careers was the arts. It often takes time, dedication, and concentration to produce art. This is why cooperating with artists who work remotely is often acceptable to employers and clients.

Professionals in the graphic arts are in high demand today among private businesses, educational institutions, and governmental organizations. In many situations, your job as a graphic arts expert will make it simple for you to transfer into roles that may be carried out from home.

Hospitality and Tourism

The hospitality and tourism bachelor's degree focuses on important hospitality and tourist subjects like travel, hotel, amenities, and more. You can take advantage of chances in the booming internet travel sector if you have a bachelor's degree in tourism and hospitality. There are numerous opportunities in a sector that is booming with original, cutting-edge, and inventive travel ideas and solutions.

The hospitality sector is becoming more and more focused online, making the online bachelor's degree in hospitality and tourism a fantastic degree for landing a work-from-home position. There are more opportunities than ever to work in the tourist industry from home because of the growth of internet travel agencies, price comparison booking platforms, and vacation rental services.

A bachelor's degree in hospitality and tourism will enable you to succeed while working primarily online, whether you want to launch a vacation home rental company, build corporate travel packages, or assist potential customers in finding the greatest rates.