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University of Cambridge_logo

Type:  Public

Students:  19,681

Location:  Cambridge, United Kingdom

University of Oxford_logo

Type:  Public

Students:  24,515

Location:  Oxford, United Kingdom

GISMA Business School_logo

Location:  Berlin, Germany


Type:  Private

Students:  16,319

Location:  Stanford, United States

University of Chicago_logo

Type:  Private

Students:  14,895

Location:  Chicago, United States

University of California, Berkeley_logo

Type:  Public

Students:  40,306

Location:  Berkeley, United States

Yale University logo.png

Type:  Private

Students:  13,317

Location:  New Haven, United States


Type:  Private

Students:  21,574

Location:  Massachusetts, United States


Type:  Private

Students:  11,459

Location:  Massachusetts, United States

Princeton University logo.png

Type:  Private

Students:  7,753

Location:  Princeton, United States


Type:  Public

Students:  19,115

Location:  London, United Kingdom

University College London_logo

Type:  Public

Students:  41,095

Location:  London, United Kingdom

University of Toronto_logo

Type:  Public

Students:  62,864

Location:  Toronto, Canada

California Institute of Technology Caltech logo

Type:  Private

Students:  2,233

Location:  Pasadena, United States

Cornell University_logo

Type:  Private

Students:  24,027

Location:  Ithaca, United States

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich_logo

Type:  Public

Students:  22,200

Location:  Zurich, Switzerland

Tsinghua University_logo

Type:  Public

Students:  50,394

Location:  Beijing, China

University of California, Los Angeles_logo

Type:  Public

Students:  45,742

Location:  Los Angeles, United States


Type:  Private

Students:  33,413

Location:  New York, United States


Type:  Private

Students:  22,432

Location:  Philadelphia, United States

Johns Hopkins University logo.png

Type:  Private

Students:  26,402

Location:  Baltimore, United States

London School of Economics and Political Science_logo

Type:  Public

Students:  12,050

Location:  London, United Kingdom

New York University_logo

Type:  Private

Students:  51,848

Location:  New York City, United States

University of Michigan logo.png

Type:  Public

Students:  46,002

Location:  Ann Arbor, United States

National University of Singapore_logo

Type:  Public

Students:  35,908

Location:  Singapore, Singapore

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