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What Is an MBA Degree?

MBA in Engineering Management

MBA in Engineering Management

Engineering management touches both fields of engineering and business. Being an engineering manager means managing projects and engineering or technical personnel successfully. Your duties include overseeing projects related to engineering, dividing tasks and responsibilities, ensuring projects are completed accurately, and helping companies identify costs and budgets for relevant projects. An MBA in Engineering Management prepares you for these responsibilities.

Business schools design curriculums carefully to ensure that you are best prepared to tackle all your responsibilities as an engineering manager. During your MBA in Engineering Management, the course curriculum will include international human resource management, strategic change management, strategic management, leadership operations management, engineering management, operations management, etc.

Why an MBA in Engineering Management?

An MBA in engineering management is the best option for you if you are interested in leadership roles in the engineering field. With an MBA in engineering management, you will be an engineer with business training. As business and engineering make great careers, combining the two will lead to numerous development opportunities.

Develop New Skills

An MBA in engineering management will help you develop both human and hard skills. Human skills include communication, multitasking, time management, problem-solving, leadership, and self-motivation. Hard skills that you will develop and use in various job positions include project management, software and computer knowledge, math, knowledge of manufacturing processes, workflow management and development, etc.

Enjoy High Recruitment Levels

The skills of engineering managers are needed in various settings, and the demand for these professionals is expected to grow. Currently, with an MBA in engineering management, you can work in offices, construction sites, or research laboratories. The skills you develop during your studies allows you to find work in other positions where your skills can be helpful, including human resources, sales, or marketing.

Enjoy a High Income

Engineers enjoy some of the highest salaries. Among the group of engineers, engineering managers receive quite pleasant salaries. Not all engineering managers earn similar salaries. Work experience, performance, skills, and location play a huge role in your salary potential.

Some of the best-paying countries for engineering management graduates are:

  • United States. An average of $150,000 per year.
  • Switzerland. An average of CHF 113,190 (US$ 120,670) per year.
  • Australia. An average of $147,180 (US$ 109,410) per year.
  • Japan. An average of ¥13,131,606 (US$ 104,590) per year.
  • Canada. An average of CA$ 129,900 (US$ 103,150) per year.
  • Germany. An average of €91,400 (US$ 99,000) per year.