What Is an MBA Degree?

MBA in Fashion Management

MBA in Fashion Management

The fashion industry is ever-evolving, so being a fashion professional requires staying current with the changing trends and shifts in this industry. An MBA focusing on fashion management incorporates management theories that relate directly to the fashion industry — teaching you the business contexts of fashion production, marketing, buying, and merchandising. Additionally, an MBA in fashion management equips you with the skills you need to handle this changing industry.

You will attend traditional core business courses and classes tailored explicitly to fashion as part of your MBA. Upon completing your MBA in fashion management, you will be ready to thrive in one of the most dynamic and exciting industries. Upon graduation, you will also have plenty of career prospects as a fashion management professional.

Why an MBA in Fashion Management?

Graduating with an MBA in fashion management comes with many advantages. The training you will receive during your studies will teach you fashion business, product development, planning, sourcing, styling, management, marketing, and not only.

With an MBA in Fashion Management, you will also:

Gain In-Depth Knowledge of the Fashion Industry

Due to the combination of business courses with fashion courses in an MBA in fashion management program, you will develop an extensive knowledge of the fashion industry. You will also be acquainted with the management part of the fashion industry. In addition to gaining an in-depth understanding of the fashion industry, you will also develop a wide range of skills.

As fashion is a highly varied industry, you will need to possess skills of different kinds. You will need to develop your communication, visualization, managing, leadership, and problem-solving skills, to name a few. These skills will allow you to be a successful leader in the fashion industry.

Gain Access to All Aspects of the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has a broad scope of careers across the world. Whether you like high street fashion or aim for the more glamorous part of the fashion world, an MBA in fashion management prepares you for all management roles in this industry. As a result of gaining access to all aspects of the fashion industry, you will travel to fashion hubs like Milan, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and London.

With an MBA in fashion management, you can work as a fashion product manager, fashion brand manager, marketing manager, fashion consultant, personal stylist, fashion coordinator, and not only. Additionally, an MBA in fashion management allows you to make positive changes in the fashion industry. These include impacting poor working conditions, textile waste, or overconsumption.

Earn a High Salary

Your salary after your MBA in fashion management will differ depending on your work experience, work location, and job position. In some of the world’s fashion hubs, you can earn:

  • An average yearly salary of €49,000 (US$ 51,900) in Milan.
  • An average yearly salary of €47,140 (US$ 49,930) in Paris.
  • An average yearly salary of US$117,460 in New York.
  • An average yearly salary of US$130,000 in Los Angeles.
  • An average yearly salary of £35,350 (US$ 43,680) in London.