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MBA Scholarships in France

MBA Scholarships in France

France's top-ranked business schools offer cutting-edge MBA programs and a diverse social environment, providing international students with a transformative educational experience. Outside the classroom, students can indulge in the rich cultural heritage, explore vibrant cities, savor delectable cuisine, and immerse themselves in the charm of France.

However, getting an MBA can often be tough on the wallet for international students, with tuition fees and living expenses to consider. This is where scholarships come to the rescue by providing essential financial assistance, enabling you to fully engage in your studies and embrace unique cultural experiences in France.

Below, we'll explore the top scholarships offered by prestigious schools in France, including requirements and application details.

HEC Paris

HEC Paris is a world-leading business school renowned for its research and education in management science. With a diverse student body representing 135 nationalities and a strong global network of 70,000 alumni, internationalism is at the core of HEC Paris.

Here are some of the MBA scholarships this school offers to support its students:

HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Excellence

The HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Excellence is a merit-based award aimed at exceptional applicants who recognize the value of an MBA from a top-ranked business school.

All admitted candidates are automatically considered for eligibility, except those sponsored for over 50% of tuition fees by their company or government.

Selection is based on academic excellence, application strength, interview results, and GMAT score. The scholarship amount varies, with up to 50% of tuition fees, deducted from the last installment. Recipients remain eligible for other scholarships. The decision date is one week after program admission. Note: Combined scholarships cannot exceed 50% of tuition fees.

HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Diversity

The HEC Paris Diversity Scholarship emphasizes the value of diversity in their MBA cohorts, seeking to create a vibrant community with varied gender, race, cultural, and academic backgrounds.

Candidates with outstanding professional and academic records must demonstrate a unique value they can contribute to the class in their application essays.

The scholarship amount varies, covering up to 50% of tuition fees, deducted from the final installment. Eligibility is automatic for admitted students, and the decision is made one week after admission. Note: Combined scholarships cannot exceed 50% of tuition fees.

Forté Scholarship for Women Candidates

The Forté Foundation Scholarship for Women Candidates, in partnership with HEC Paris MBA, is dedicated to empowering outstanding women in business by providing significant financial support.

This scholarship is available only to admitted candidates who meet the standard selection criteria and have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in academics, team building, creative activities, and a commitment to supporting women through mentorship or community involvement.

Applicants sponsored for more than 50% of tuition fees are not eligible to apply. The scholarship amount can reach up to €26,000, awarded based on a compelling 1,500-word essay. The decision will be communicated one week after program admission. Please note that the combination of HEC Excellence, Forté Foundation, ARD, and Paris Saclay Scholarships cannot exceed 50% of the tuition fees.


INSEAD is a renowned global graduate business school with campuses in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. It has 165 esteemed faculty members from 42 countries, inspiring over 1,500 students in degree and PhD programs. With a focus on responsible leadership and societal impact, INSEAD proudly stands as the Business School for the World, making a meaningful difference in business and society.

Let’s explore some of INSEAD’s scholarship opportunities for MBA students:

INSEAD Diversity and Excellence Scholarships Group

The INSEAD Diversity and Excellence Scholarships Group manages several scholarships based on merit and diverse profiles for the MBA Programme. These awards aim to attract talented individuals with exceptional academic and professional achievements, adding unique perspectives to class discussions.

The application is open for Admissions Rounds 1, 2, and 3, and applicants must submit an essay of up to 350 words explaining why they deserve the scholarship and highlighting distinguishing factors in their CV. Scholarships range from €10,000 to €25,000, and the application deadline follows INSEAD’s Financial Aid Calendar.

INSEAD Rémy and Verena Best Endowed Scholarship

The INSEAD Rémy and Verena Best Endowed Scholarship, established by Rémy Best, an INSEAD MBA alumnus, and his wife Verena, aims to promote diversity and inclusivity by supporting outstanding individuals with limited financial means. Each class receives one to two scholarship awards of €40,000.

Applicants of any nationality are eligible, and they must demonstrate both merit and financial need. The scholarship application is part of the Financial Need Scholarship Group application, with the deadline specified accordingly.

Through this scholarship, INSEAD continues to foster an inclusive community and provide access to transformative education for aspiring business leaders.

INSEAD Louis and Evelyn Franck Endowed Award for Excellence

The INSEAD Louis and Evelyn Franck Endowed Award for Excellence, established in memory of Louis Franck, is offered to one of the most outstanding MBA participants in each class based on the quality of their admission applications. No separate scholarship application is required.

Recipients automatically receive €11,000 and are considered during the first or second admission rounds. Successful candidates are notified approximately one week after admission. Awardees are expected to submit an essay on their INSEAD experience at the end of the program.

ESSEC Business School

At ESSEC Business School, greatness has been the norm since 1907. With a passion for excellence, a spirit of innovation, and a belief in freedom of thought, ESSEC has created a legacy of academic brilliance and forward thinking. The school nurtures leaders who embrace responsibility, diversity, and real-world impact, offering various MBA scholarships to support its students.

These are just some of them:

Early Bird

The Early Bird Scholarship presented an exciting opportunity for applicants to the 2023 intake at ESSEC Business School. As a merit-based scholarship, it rewarded the first candidates who enrolled in the early Admissions Juries with a generous offer of 5,000€. The application deadline for the Early Bird Scholarship was on the 20th of February 2023. Stay tuned for future dates and opportunities that will be announced in due course.

International Experience

The International Experience Scholarship recognizes candidates with a strong international background, such as working in diverse environments or multiple countries, possessing intercultural business expertise, and proficiency in foreign languages. Eligibility criteria include showcasing a deep understanding of international challenges and the impact of global projects on their careers. This scholarship aims to support individuals who bring valuable international perspectives to their MBA journey.

The Diversity Scholarship

The Diversity Scholarship promotes international diversity and inclusion within the MBA cohort by recognizing candidates' academic and professional achievements. It values candidates who bring varied cultural perspectives, enriching the cohort's global outlook during the MBA journey. Eligibility is based on academic and professional background, personality, and uniqueness of profile, with a focus on candidates' potential to contribute unique value to the class.

You can discuss the available scholarship options and details with the school's team of advisors. It is also recommended to apply as early as possible for higher chances of being considered.

EDHEC Business School

Founded in the early 20th century, EDHEC Business School serves society through business with a humanist vision. As one of Europe's top business schools, it offers exceptional teaching, close industry ties, and expertise in contemporary fields like digital and sustainable finance. With over 8,600 students from 110 nationalities, EDHEC remains committed to making a global impact as a leading business institution.

It also valuable offers scholarships such as:

EDHEC Excellence Scholarship

EDHEC prioritizes diversity, quality, and integrity, offering scholarships to qualified candidates who contribute to the impact-driven learning environment. The EDHEC Excellence Scholarship provides up to 40% reduction in tuition for applicants with a GMAT score of +650 or equivalent. No separate application is required, and eligible candidates will be automatically awarded if they apply by January 31st.

EDHEC Women in Leadership Scholarship

Another scholarship offered by EDHEC is the Women in Leadership Scholarship. This scholarship aims to encourage and support gender diversity from the classroom to the boardroom, providing up to 40% reduction in tuition fees. Like other EDHEC scholarships, there is no need for an extra application; eligible candidates will be automatically awarded if they apply by January 31st.

Swati Kansal Memorial Scholarship for Women of Impact

The Swati Kansal Memorial Scholarship for Women of Impact is a tribute to the legacy of Swati Kansal, a distinguished 2019 EDHEC Global MBA graduate known for her exceptional contributions to the school. This scholarship awards 10,000 EUR in a monthly stipend of 1000 EUR for 10 months, assisting one outstanding candidate per intake with their living expenses during the MBA journey. To inquire about the application process for the Swati Kansal Memorial Scholarship for Women of Impact, you can reach out to [email protected].

ESCP Europe

Established in 1819, ESCP Business School holds the distinction of being the world's first business school. With a mission to cultivate the next generation of transnational business leaders, ESCP focuses on embracing cultural diversity and preparing students to impact the world positively.

Part of this preparation includes support for them through scholarships such as:

Women in Leadership Scholarship

ESCP Business School offers the "MBA in International Management Scholarship for Women Leaders" to self-funding female applicants who display excellence in leadership. The scholarship amount is €15,000 and will be awarded based on future professional and leadership potential, as demonstrated in the essay and recommendation submitted with the application.

Successful candidates will be selected by a judging panel, and the award will be deducted from the tuition fees. The scholarship application requires a completed form, a professional recommendation promoting women's progress in business, and an essay on supporting female peers or the value of women in leadership roles.

Scholarship for NGO/Non-profit

The MBA in International Management Scholarship for NGO/Non-profit is open to self-funding applicants employed by an NGO or a non-profit organization. The award, amounting to €15,000, is based on future leadership potential and contributions to the sector.

Successful candidates will be notified individually. To apply, applicants must submit a completed scholarship application form, a professional recommendation showcasing their commitment to the sector's development, and an essay outlining their support for the ongoing progress of the NGO/Non-profit sector.

The scholarship deadline coincides with the MBA program application deadline. All applications must be submitted in English.

Scholarship for Entrepreneurs

The Scholarship for Entrepreneurs is open to all applicants with involvement in an entrepreneurial project/start-up or planning to create one post-MBA. The €15,000 award is based on future leadership potential and contributions to the entrepreneurial field.

Successful candidates will be notified individually, and the scholarship deadline coincides with the MBA program application deadline.

Applicants must submit a completed scholarship application form, a professional recommendation from a collaborator highlighting their leadership skills as an entrepreneur, and a short essay explaining their current or future entrepreneurial project and its motivation. All applications must be submitted in English.

The three rounds of application deadlines for these scholarships were as follows:

  • First round: 12th Jan 2023
  • Second round: 11th May 2023
  • Third round: 6th Jul 2023

Future dates will be announced in the near future.

EmLyon Business School

EmLyon Business School, established in 1872 by the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is one of Europe's oldest and highly regarded business schools. Accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA, it holds global recognition for its excellence in business and management education.

With campuses in six locations and a diverse student body of over 9,000 from 125 nationalities, the school fosters a dynamic and international learning environment by supporting its students through scholarships such as:

Excellence Scholarship

EmLyon business school provides guaranteed scholarships to eligible applicants for their full-time MBA program. If you meet the criteria for these scholarships, you can apply for them without needing to make a separate financial aid request.

One such scholarship is the excellence scholarship, which offers a 30% reward to exceptional students with a GMAT score of 650 or higher. Please note that the scholarships are not cumulative.

Early Bird Scholarship

Another guaranteed scholarship offered by EmLyon business school is the early bird scholarship of 20%. This scholarship is awarded to each student who enrolls before the end of December for the upcoming intake.

Students eligible for these scholarships do not need to make a separate financial aid request; they only need to download the qualification certificate and attach it to their application. However, please keep in mind that the scholarships are not cumulative.

MBA scholarships in France alleviate financial burdens and recognize your achievements, allowing you to thrive in the world of business. Don't miss out on these valuable opportunities to make the most of your MBA journey.