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MBA Scholarships in Spain

MBA Scholarships in Spain

Thinking about pursuing an MBA in Spain? It's a fantastic choice! Spain not only offers a great lifestyle with its rich culture and beautiful surroundings but also provides ample opportunities for your business education. The best part? There are plenty of scholarships available from prestigious business schools in Spain, making it easier for you to achieve your MBA dreams without worrying about finances.

Let's explore the array of scholarships offered by top business schools in Spain:

IE Business School

Established by visionary entrepreneurs in 1973, IE Business School prides itself on innovation, entrepreneurship, diversity, and humanities. With a strong commitment to empowering its students, the school offers transformative programs like the International MBA, tailored to individual needs and aspirations.

It also offers numerous scholarships for its MBA students, including but not limited to:

IE Business School Dean's Award

IE Business School offers the prestigious Dean's Award, a highly distinguished scholarship open to candidates worldwide applying for Master's programs. It rewards outstanding academic achievements with a minimum GPA requirement of 3.8/4, 4.75/5, or 9.5/10.

This coveted award covers 70% of the tuition cost for two deserving candidates each year, one for the spring intake and another for the fall intake, highlighting the school's commitment to fostering top talent and academic excellence. You will be automatically considered for this award once admitted to the MBA program.

IE – Forté MBA Fellowship

The IE-Forté MBA Fellowship is a prestigious scholarship at IE Business School, specially designed for accomplished women from all regions seeking to pursue MBA programs. This esteemed fellowship goes beyond financial aid, offering a comprehensive package of resources and access to a supportive community of women and businesses dedicated to enhancing female representation in leadership positions.

With several scholarships awarded each academic year, ranging from 10,000€ to 25,000€ of tuition cost coverage, this fellowship empowers women leaders and encourages their commitment to supporting other women in their communities.

IE - Brown Executive MBA Dean's Scholarship

IE - Brown Executive MBA Dean's Scholarship is open to all nationalities for candidates admitted to the IE Brown Executive MBA program. This collaboration between IE University and Brown University aims to train executives and entrepreneurs to tackle difficult and complex challenges, empowering them to become agents of change in their organizations, industries, and communities.

The scholarship can cover up to 40% of tuition costs, depending on the scholarship fund's status, the candidate's profile, and specific circumstances.

IESE Business School

IESE Business School, affiliated with the University of Navarra, has been a pioneer in leadership education for over 60 years. With a global mindset, general management approach, and people-centered vision, the school aims to inspire ethical and socially responsible leaders who positively impact society. It offers various scholarships, including support for MBA students, to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

Here are some of them:

IESE Excellence Scholarship

IESE offers the IESE Excellence Scholarship to top-performing applicants who demonstrate outstanding achievements and strong alignment with the school's values. Recipients receive special engagement with senior leadership and have the opportunity to contribute to program development for future students. To apply, candidates should complete the scholarship application within the MBA application form submitted to the Admissions Department.

IESE Leaders in Africa Scholarship

IESE offers the "Leaders in Africa Scholarship" for African nationals applying for the MBA program. This scholarship covers up to 90% of the tuition fees and is available for candidates who demonstrate exceptional work experience and personal merit. Up to three scholarships are awarded to eligible applicants.

To apply for the "Leaders in Africa Scholarship," candidates must complete the scholarship application within the MBA application form and submit it to the Admissions Department before the specified deadlines: ER, R1, R2, and R3.

IESE Alumni Association Scholarship

The IESE Alumni Association Scholarship offers five scholarships covering up to 50% of tuition fees for the first and second year of the MBA program. These scholarships are awarded to future MBA students who exhibit exceptional work experience and personal merit. To apply, candidates should submit their scholarship applications within the MBA application form to the Admissions Department.

By recognizing exceptional work experience, personal merit, and GMAT or GRE scores, this scholarship aims to foster the growth of future leaders at IESE Business School.

*Please note that all scholarship applicants must submit one cover letter along with their application.

Esade Business School

Esade Business School, based in Barcelona, Spain, has been nurturing leaders since 1958. The school prioritizes thoughtful action, ethical decision-making, and meaningful change achieved through innovation and social commitment. Their goal is to develop conscious leaders with a unique skill set and a commitment to inclusive progress.

Esade supports the best talent from diverse backgrounds through a scholarship program, offering scholarships ranging from 60% to 100% of tuition fees, removing financial obstacles and enabling access to high-level education.

Some of their MBA scholarships include:

Esade MBA Students Fund: Entrepreneurship Award

The Esade MBA Entrepreneurship Award aims to support prospective MBA students with an entrepreneurial spirit. It celebrates diverse perspectives and encourages contributions to the learning environment and the business world. Successful candidates are expected to actively promote the Esade MBA Alumni Scholarship Fund in the future. Eligible candidates from all nationalities with previous entrepreneurial experience or involvement in start-ups are encouraged to apply.

The Forté Fellows for Women

The Forté Fellowship Program, sponsored by Esade Business School, aims to empower outstanding women pursuing the Esade Full-Time MBA with strong leadership potential. The program provides financial and non-financial support to women who demonstrate exceptional leadership in their academic, professional, and community endeavors.

Candidates applying for the fellowship are required to submit a motivational letter highlighting their exemplary leadership experiences and achievements. The program aligns with the Forté Foundation's mission of advancing women's careers in business through education, opportunities, and a supportive community of successful women.

The Esade for Excellence Award

The Esade for Excellence Award is a prestigious scholarship granted to outstanding MBA candidates based on their academic records, diversity, and professional acumen. No separate application is required; successful applicants will be notified upon receiving their admittance to the MBA program. It is not compatible with other Esade awards but can be combined with partnership scholarships.

This award highlights Esade's commitment to fostering academic excellence and supporting talented individuals with great potential for business leadership.

*Esade Full Time MBA Awards typically cover 10% to 50% of tuition fees, with an average award of 21% in the last intake. To apply for the Excellence Award, candidates must access the Award Information section in the Admissions Portal and carefully follow the guidelines. The application deadline for the Excellence Award is June 15, 2023, for the 2023 intake.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

UC3M (Carlos III University of Madrid) is an innovative public university established by the Spanish Parliament in 1989. The university aims to contribute to the improvement of society by providing high-quality education and cutting-edge research. Guided by values like merit, efficiency, transparency, and environmental consciousness, its MBA program prepares aspiring leaders to make a positive impact on society and excel in the global business landscape.

This university supports its MBA students through the scholarship programs listed below:

UC3M Scholarships for Academic Year 2023/2024

UC3M has announced 20 scholarships for the academic year 2023/2024 to cover tuition fees for Master's students. For EU students, there are 10 scholarships ranging from €4,500 to €12,000, and for non-EU students, there are 10 scholarships ranging from €6,300 to €18,300.

To apply, candidates must have completed the Master's program admission application. The application deadline was 31st May 2023 (new dates to be announced). The number of scholarships and amounts may vary depending on the candidates' conditions, as determined by the Selection Committee for each program.

UC3M Alumni Scholarships

The Alumni Scholarship Program at Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) aims to provide financial assistance to students with outstanding academic achievements and limited financial resources who wish to pursue their degrees at UC3M.

The program is made possible through generous donations from UC3M Alumni, allowing the university to award a specific number of scholarships each year.

For the current academic year, a total of 12 scholarships were granted, with each scholarship amounting to €3,600 per academic year. The application deadline for the 2023 call was on June 9, 2023. However, the university will announce further dates for future scholarship opportunities in due course.

EADA Business School

EADA Business School, an international institution based in Barcelona, has a remarkable history dating back to 1957. It was one of the pioneering Spanish schools to offer manager training programs for the business community. As an independent and non-profit university foundation, EADA is committed to training, applied research, and knowledge transfer in an international context.

This school offers some generous scholarships for its MBA students, some of which are:

Scholarship for Excellence

The Scholarship for Excellence at EADA Business School is a prestigious opportunity for candidates with exceptional academic and/or professional experience.

This merit-based scholarship can cover up to 35% of the program fee. To be eligible, candidates must demonstrate a GMAT score of 700 or higher or showcase an academic/professional record reflecting excellence, as well as have completed the admission process.

Candidates can apply for up to two EADA scholarships but will receive only one award. Scholarships and discounts do not stack, and the highest-value award will be granted if multiple scholarships are awarded. To accept the scholarship, candidates must enroll in the MBA program within 14 working days of the award and participate in a proposed academic or administrative project during the academic year.

Diversity Scholarships

Diversity Scholarships at EADA Business School offer a remarkable opportunity for candidates applying for the Fall 2023 intake of the International MBA program.

These merit-based scholarships cover up to 40% of the program fee and are specifically available for candidates belonging to different regions, including Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, E.U., North Africa, Near East & Middle East, U.S. & Canada, and Africa.

Successful completion of the admission process is a requirement for applying for EADA scholarships. You can apply for up to two scholarships but will ultimately receive only one award (highest-value will be granted if you are awarded multiple). As with the Scholarship for Excellence, you must enroll in the MBA program within 14 days of the award and participate in a chosen academic/administrative project during the year.

Social Impact Scholarship

The Social Impact Scholarship is a special opportunity for candidates with a proven track record of supporting not-for-profit organizations in the social development, environmental, or humanitarian fields.

This scholarship offers financial aid ranging from 10% to 25% of the program fee, providing recognition and support for candidates committed to making a positive impact on society.

Applying for this scholarship follows the same rules as the two other scholarships. You can apply for up to two EADA scholarships, but only one award will be granted, ensuring you receive the highest-value scholarship if multiple scholarships are given.

ESIC Business & Marketing School

ESIC University is a distinguished private institution located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain, with a specialization in Marketing, Management, and Digital Business. With a rich history of over 55 years, ESIC has been educating professionals in business and marketing across 5 continents in more than 40 countries, boasting a vast network of over 66,000 alumni from 80 nationalities.

MBA students at ESIC can benefit from the following scholarships:

The Diversity Scholarship

The Diversity Scholarship at ESIC is available for master's students and offers a reduction in tuition fees based on the degree of disability. To apply, candidates must submit documents such as ID, disability card, and a valid disability certificate. The scholarship amounts range from 30% to 50% of the tuition fee, depending on the degree of disability.

Successful applicants will be individually notified by ESIC, and the enrollment fee is exempt from the discount. The application deadline will be communicated by the Diversity Committee within specific timelines for each master's program (in the first half of September for master's programs starting in September/October).

Women + Leadership Scholarship

The Women + Leadership Scholarship supports women's contribution to the professional environment. It offers a 50% tuition fee scholarship for highly motivated women with great potential who wish to pursue a Postgraduate program at ESIC, such as the Full-Time MBA.

The scholarship is open nationwide and candidates must pass the ESIC admission process. Required documents include academic records, CV, income tax return, motivation letter, and letter of admission.

The deadline for this year's document submission was July 20th, and the recipients were personally notified by July 30th, 2023. Future dates to be announced.

Alumni Scholarship, Recent Graduates

The Alumni Scholarship at ESIC is designed for students in their final year of undergraduate studies who intend to pursue a master's program immediately after graduation.

To be eligible, candidates must pass the admission process and should not be receiving any other ESIC scholarship or discount. The scholarship offers a 40% tuition fee discount, but it does not cover the enrollment fee. The application should be submitted to the Admissions Department, and the decision is made promptly upon meeting all the requirements within the specified timeframe.

Through rigorous academic programs and exposure to real-world business challenges, as an MBA student in Spain, you are sure to gain invaluable skills and knowledge that are highly sought after in the global job market. Therefore, don't miss out on applying for scholarships! They can ease your financial burden and boost your career prospects.

Take this opportunity to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals. ¡Buena suerte!