Concerns Rise as Canadian College Cancels International Students’ Admission Offers

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New Brunswick community college (2)

New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) in Canada has reportedly been canceling admissions for international students, causing concerns and frustration among the latter.

According to local media reports, the college changed the deadline for international students to submit their immigration documents.

Adebayo Ogunleye, the President of the Nigerian-Canadian Association of New Brunswick, told CBC News that nearly 40 international students have reached out to him, expressing concerns over the recent developments at NBCC.

International students admitted to the college were told to submit their documents, including proof of a study permit, by December 8. But, in September, the college notified students of a change in the deadline to November 17.

A warning was issued on the college's website, stating that any documents received after the new deadline would be considered late, potentially resulting in the cancelation of applications and admissions.

Commenting on the issue, students argue that delays by Canadian authorities in issuing study permits made it impossible for students to receive the necessary documents by the new deadline set by NBCC.

On November 20, just a couple of days after the new deadline, the college sent emails to students who failed to submit their documents, notifying them that their applications had been canceled, with the decision being final.

Moreover, NBCC has stopped accepting applications from students in Ghana and Nigeria, who also say that this change has disrupted their academic plans and caused them stress.

"Definitely the trust is broken. This affects students in terms of their career, it has also affected them psychologically because the career is hanging [on] the opportunity for them to forward their education," Adebayo told CBC News.

The situation becomes even more difficult because students are not eligible to apply to another school once accepted into a college or university and granted a study permit in Canada.

The school's data show that NBCC hosted more students than ever before in the 2021/22 academic year. During the same academic year, 12,460 students were enrolled in the college's full-time, part-time, and professional learning programs. The college enrolls 2,168 international students from 74 countries.

Recently, Canada has announced plans to curb the number of international student visas to protect international students, the quality of education and find options to ensure international students find adequate accommodation.

While announcing the measures on December 7, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Marc Miller said that starting on January 1, Canada will increase the cost-of-living financial requirement for international students. That means students must prove they have $20,635 in their bank accounts to study in Canada.

Image source: official Twitter account of Texas Christian University

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