EUA & 24 Partners Urge EU Commission to Finalize UK Association to Horizon Europe

United Kingdom Europe Europe Higher Education News by Erudera News Nov 07, 2021

Horizon Europe

The European University Association (EUA), along with 24 partners, have called for the EU Commission to finalize the United Kingdom’s association to the largest research and innovation program, the Horizon Europe.

The letter follows the previous statement of EUA and its members for the fast association of the UK to Horizon Europe, which indicated that the long process of UK association to EU programs is triggering unnecessary insecurity within the European knowledge community.

The current letter stresses that the success of the Horizon Europe program will hinge on its commitment to excellence and global outlook, reports.

“We have a long history of close and trusted collaboration and shared success with the UK. The strength of those partnerships has provided enormous benefits to excellent research, resulting in countless collaborations to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges, boosting competitiveness and growth,” the letter reads.

It further says that a strong framework program in research and innovation is crucial for the EU to be successful in “the twin green and digital transitions.”

The EU knowledge community has welcomed the provision in Protocol I of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement for the United Kingdom to join Horizon Europe.

“Based on the Protocol and those reassurances, for the past 10 months our universities, businesses and research institutions have been working with UK partners with a shared vision and in good faith that the UK would soon be a full associate member,” the letter adds.

The representatives of the European Union’s research and innovation community pointed out that the lack of a clear timeline over the completion of the UK association to Horizon Europe is causing increasing concerns, endangering the current and future plans for collaboration.

According to them, with the first Horizon Europe grant deals and new calls, which are expected to be launched soon, the UK association should be completed without any further delay that could result in missed opportunities and weakening competitiveness and joint research.

“We urge the European Commission and UK Government to work towards a successful UK association to Horizon Europe, to safeguard this valuable and mutually beneficial R&I cooperation,” they emphasized.

The letter has been written by EU research and innovation community, on behalf of 1,000 universities and universities of applied sciences, 56 academies of science, 38 research performing and funding organizations, 33 rectors’ conferences, 120 regional organizations, and more.

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