Jerusalem Allocates Scholarships for Students Worth NIS 15 Million

Israel Asia Higher Education News by Erudera News Oct 25, 2021


Students in Jerusalem who promote social, neighborhood, and community activities will have the chance to benefit from the support of Jerusalem Municipality, as the latter is expected to grant scholarships worth NIS 15 million.

Jerusalem’s municipal scholarship fund, considered the largest funds in Israel, will award NIS 10,000 scholarships to all students pursuing their studies at any educational institution in Israel in exchange for 140 hours of community service, the Jerusalem Post reports.

All of this is expected to be done in cooperation with the Israeli national lottery Mifal HaPayis as well as the Jerusalem Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization established by former mayor of Jerusalem Teddy Kollek, aiming to further develop the capital of Israel.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion told the Jerusalem Post that the program would benefit both students and the city, pointing out that students will promote social and community service and, as a reward, will receive scholarships.

“It is all for the young people of our city who chose to remain in Jerusalem to study. The program works to the mutual benefit of both students and the city. The students will promote social and community service and in return, receive a scholarship. The Jerusalem Municipality will continue to work for the benefit of both students and the community,” Lion said.

Universities and colleges across Israel have begun the new academic year on October 10, allowing students to return to in-person learning after studying remotely for more than one year due to restrictions imposed to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 350,000 students have already returned to campuses this month.

“Learning together on campus strengthens the student social fabric and contributes to individual and social empowerment,” vice-rector of Tel Aviv University Eyal Zisser told Israeli newspaper Haaretz. 

However, in order to be permitted to enter campus, students are required to show a Green Passport issued by the government as proof of their vaccination. According to the government, those who lack the Green Pass must continue their studies online again.

It has been reported that some universities in the country will not offer many courses online in a bid to encourage more students to get vaccinated, thus bringing more of them back to campuses.

There were some 320,000 students enrolled in higher education in Israel during 2020 compared to 312,660 who pursued studies a year earlier, according to the Israeli Council for Higher Education (CHE).

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