Stanford Students Cannot Enroll for Spring Classes Unless They Submit Proof of COVID-19 Booster Shot

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COVID-19 Booster

Stanford University students who have not managed to receive their booster shots by January 31 at the latest, have been told they will not be able to enroll for spring quarter classes unless they receive an extension, the university has reiterated.

In an email sent to students Friday, the Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director of Vaden Health Services, Jim Jacobs, said that booster documentation should be uploaded to the university’s platform and thanked everyone who has already done so, reports.

“Our booster requirement is intended to support sustained immunity against COVID-19 and is consistent with the advice of county and federal public health leaders. Booster shots enhance immunity, providing additional protection to individuals and reducing the possibility of being hospitalized for COVID,” Jacobs said.

He pointed out that students are able to register for spring quarter classes only if they submit booster documentation or receive an approved exemption or extension.

”The university will place an enrollment hold on your Axess account if you are booster eligible and miss the Jan. 31 deadline, consistent with our policy for the COVID immunization requirement announced last summer,” the statement reads.

Jacobs stressed that students should be enrolled by the study list deadline of April 15, 2022, in order to stay in university housing, adding that students’ financial aid or the assistance dedicated for university research or teaching assistantship or fellowship can also be affected.

Stanford also requires students whose classes are online and those who are not living on campus this quarter to receive booster shots, emphasizing that vaccination is needed because students can choose to visit or attend in-person classes in the future.

The number of COVID-19 cases at Stanford has decreased over the past weeks. According to the university’s dashboard, 298 positive test results were reported among faculty, staff and postdoc during the week of January 17-23, a drop from 495 in the week before Jan. 10-16. During the week of January 17-23, the total number of positive test results for students was 282.

Stanford University required all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students returning to campus to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. As per international students, the university said it would ensure these students receive vaccines if they were unable to get vaccinated in their home country.

On January 13, Stanford announced that Vaden Health Services would be offering MODERNA booster shots to students every day of the week, from 09:00 to 13:00.

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