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Erudera launches the world's first educ…

Erudera launches the world's first education search platform backed by AI

PRESS RELEASE - May 10, 2022


A new global university and study program search platform backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Erudera.com, will help students find their ideal university and study program more easily.

Through Erudera, students will be able to browse over 23,000 university profiles and more than 64,000 study programs. Registered users will also receive personalized recommendations based on their profile, academic achievements, career prospects, and personal preferences, so they can do better research, compare available options, and come to a better decision on their own.

Every year more than 6 million students have to make one of the most important decisions in their life, choosing their educational path. This is a challenging problem because information about study choices is scattered all over the web, and, according to a recent study, 2 out of 5 students say they would have made a different choice if they had more information about what and where to study.

On the other hand, universities also struggle with recruiting international students because of the effort and resources required to reach them in different countries. The platform will offer all universities the opportunity to list and update their courses for free to reach a much wider audience and attract more students.

The CEO of Erudera, Gent Ukëhajdaraj, shared the platform's mission on the official launch:

"Our mission with Erudera is to reach the students early in the research phase, match them with the right university using our platform, and guide them on this journey all the way to the end. I want you to think about it for a second. A teenager with a limited amount of information is about to make a decision that will define the rest of their life. We want to help them make the right choice."

The platform is built on modern AI and Machine Learning based technology that allows for advanced data analysis and more personalized recommendations for its users. The CTO of Erudera, Betim Drenica, explained the tech behind the platform and how it is unlike anything available in the higher education industry right now.

"We are using the latest technology on Erudera, and once we have more users and data, we will start to see the real magic behind the platform. It's just amazing what you can achieve with artificial intelligence and machine learning if you have the key ingredients, that’s data. The future is bright for students, universities, and everyone in higher education."

International higher education is a large market valued at 196 billion dollars. This market is growing and is expected to double by 2030. Erudera, was founded by two companies based out of Pristina, Kosovo. Inquero LLC, a global leader in the higher education information publishing and news industry with over 9 million users across several online student portals, and Quantix LLC, a modern software development company specializing in AI and Machine Learning solutions, with many successful digital products under their belt.

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