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The University of Le Mans (Le Mans Université) is a public university, based in Le Mans, France. The university is under the Academy of Nantes.

The university opened in 1977; However, the story goes back a decade before to perceive the beginnings of this construction. In 1965, the decision was taken to open a literary college on the edge of the city of Le Mans. This college will be only an annex of the University of Caen, where decisions will be taken jointly by the leaders of the university with the leaders of the city of Le Mans. The hill of Vaurouzé is chosen to host the new study center. The proximity of a few kilometers with the hospital suggests the possibility of opening a hospital one day. In 1966, the buildings of the CLOUS (Local Center for University and School Works) were built. Accommodation and a restaurant are the only services available. A year later, it is the IUTs of business management, business administration and chemistry that open. In 1968, the IUT was reinforced by two sections: mechanical engineering and production engineering. Cities continue to be created. Le Mans becomes the smallest university annex in France with its 1,600 students. A year later, in 1969, the city of Le Mans obtained its total independence from the University of Caen. The University of Le Mans is no longer an annex, but a university center in its own right.

In 1975, two new UFRs were opened: Law and Letters. The city tries to palliate "the leak of gray matter", which operates from the city on the region. The young Manceaux thus tend to turn to the universities of Rennes, Angers, Tours or Nantes, in view of the few higher studies achievable at Le Mans. The city wants to urbanize its site, on a project that could take 20 to 30 years, bringing it closer to the western end of the city, symbolized by the hospital.

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