What Is an MBA Degree?

MBA in Event Management

MBA in Event Management

An MBA in Event Management is the perfect choice if you enjoy planning the most intimate to the most exclusive events. Typically, MBAs in event management take two years to complete — a period that prepares and empowers you to manage, organize, conceptualize, and plan all elements and streams of event management. Thus, with an MBA in event management, you can put together a social gathering of any kind.

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MBAs in event management combine business disciplines such as marketing, economics, and business communication with event management-focused subjects that include event planning, principles of event management, and not only. In addition, some of the best universities in the world offer MBAs in event management, so you can choose which one of these universities you would like to attend.

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Why an MBA in Event Management?

Events are planned everywhere in the world, allowing you to bring your career as an event manager anywhere you go.

With an MBA in Event Management, you will benefit from the following:

Exciting Work Tasks

Being an event manager is a career full of variety. With an MBA in event management, you will be prepared for the organization part, and you will also be skilled in dealing with all financial aspects of the event you plan. With an MBA degree, you will have the chance to organize events focused on sports, music, learning, etc.

Additionally, you can plan weddings, Christmas parties, corporate events, cultural events, festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, and many other occasions that make event management a fascinating career. After graduation, you can travel to different locations and participate in events and celebrations worldwide.

Numerous Career Options

Event management has undergone a healthy growth phase during the last few years. As such, job opportunities in this field have increased in number. With an MBA in event management, you can work as an:

  • Event Planner
  • Staff Coordinator
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Outdoor Activities Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Wedding Planner
  • Venue Manager
  • Volunteer Services Manager
  • Tourism Manager

An MBA is an excellent opportunity to build academic networks. You can do this through internships, exchange programs, study tours, conferences, and seminars. Your professors will be professionals with an extensive background in event planning. Hence, you can benefit from the knowledge exchange during your studies.

Good Earning Potential

Event managers earn good salaries. However, not all countries pay event managers the same, so your salary potential mainly depends on where you choose to work. Your salary will also depend on your work experience — the more experience you have, the higher your salary. Your performance and the school you graduated from might also impact your pay.

Some of the best countries to work as an Event Manager and their average annual salary are listed below:

Country Average Annual Salary
The United States US$ 55,490
The United Kingdom £27,530 (US$ 33,620)
Canada CA$ 54,980 (US$ 39,870)
Germany €36,560 (US$ 39,295)
Australia AU$ 65,090 (US$ 43,200)
Italy €35,000 (US$ 37,615)
France €38,100 (US$ 40,945)

The Curriculum of an MBA in Event Management

Generally, an MBA in Event Management takes two years to complete. Most business schools that offer an MBA in Event Management typically include the following subjects as part of their curriculum:

  • Event Planning
  • Event Marketing Campaign
  • Consumer Behavior and Brand Management
  • Budgeting and Costing of Events
  • Public Relations
  • Event Production and Logistics
  • Event Risk Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Culture and Entertainment

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Basic Eligibility Criteria for an MBA in Event Management

To gain admission into an MBA in Event Management, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Possess an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline.
  • Demonstrate a great academic record.
  • Submit the requested academic qualifications, including your transcripts, letters of recommendation, CV, and motivational letter.
  • Submit proof of language proficiency if you are studying in a language other than your native language.
  • Have an average GPA, as required by your target university.
  • Pass the entrance exam, if applicable (GMAT, GRE, or other).
  • Pass the personal interview, if applicable.
  • Submit your application within the set deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Event Management in High Demand?

Yes, Event Management is growing as an industry, with studies showing a growth of 11% in the demand for event planners by 2029. As a result, Event Management has a promising scope for the future.

If you are wondering how big the Event Management market is, see below the career profile for an Event Manager:

  • Running different event types for companies and individuals.
  • Meeting with clients to discuss their needs.
  • Maintaining partnerships with relevant stakeholders such as caterers and vendors.
  • Ensuring the target audience is engaged.
  • Ensuring the message of the event is marketed properly.
  • Overseeing the setup and execution of events.
  • Overseeing the cleanup of events.

What is the Lowest Salary of an Event Manager?

The differences in salary potential ultimately lay upon your work location, i.e., country or city, and the industry where you work. Some countries offer higher salaries to Event Managers due to their economic development, while others that are still developing might offer lower salaries. As an Event Manager, you can expect to receive a salary starting as low as US$ 600 per month.

Some of the countries that offer the lowest salary to an Event Manager include the following:

  • Austria
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Montenegro
  • Mexico

What is the Highest Salary of an Event Manager?

The highest salary an Event Manager can earn reaches an average salary of US$ 91,000 per year. Some of the countries that offer the highest salary to an Event Manager include the following:

  • The United States of America
  • The United Kingdom
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • Canada

What is the Difference Between an Event Coordinator and an Event Manager?

The differences between an Event Coordinator and an Event Manager lie in their job duties, job requirements, work environment, skills, and salary. As an Event Coordinator, you will be responsible for the execution of the event plan created by an event manager. Generally, you hire an event manager if you want someone to handle a large event to the last detail. If your event is small, you can hire an Event Coordinator to help you carry out your vision.

Is an MBA Compulsory to Work in Event Management?

No, working in Event Management does not necessarily require an MBA degree in the field. However, while Event Management is a fairly practical field, it still requires a significant amount of knowledge and skills to handle the managerial duties of the field — knowledge and skills that an MBA in Event Management helps you develop.

Which is Better, BA in Event Management or MBA in Event Management?

Sometimes, students second guess if continuing an MBA is worth it after earning their bachelor’s degree in Event Management. Typically, a few differences between a BA and an MBA in Event Management might help you decide whether or not to continue your MBA studies in the field. The most significant differences between the two degrees include their duration, salary potential, and skill development.

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