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MBA in Hotel Management

MBA in Hotel Management

Hotel management deals with everything related to managing a hotel business. It is a fast-growing industry that allows you to travel to new work destinations and meet new people.

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A career in hotel management provides an experience in everything, starting from the finances of a hotel to culinary arts making your job as a hotel manager exciting, challenging, and diverse. An MBA in hotel management teaches you the techniques to manage a hotel, supervise the work of the housekeeping department, oversee the hotel’s operations daily, negotiate contracts and leases, and not only. After completing your MBA in hotel management, you will be a perfect candidate for top senior management roles in top-level hotels, resorts, airlines, and not only.

Why an MBA in Hotel Management?

Pursuing an MBA in hotel management results in increased earnings, higher chances for promotion, and plenty of career opportunities.

An MBA in Hotel Management allows you to:

Develop Valuable Skills

Hotel management as a profession requires professionals with leadership and communication skills, operational knowledge, flexibility, and team-building skills. Additionally, staying calm under pressure is another skill that hotel managers should possess. An MBA in hotel management equips you with all these skills.

You will work with various real-life cases during your studies, complete internships, attend seminars, etc. These will allow you to develop a wide range of skills. Moreover, the skills you will acquire through an MBA in hotel management are skills that can be transferred to a wide range of professions, allowing you to work in the hotel industry and not only.

Earn a Good Salary

As a hotel manager, you may be required to complete various tasks. Luckily, you will be able to earn a good salary in your profession. Typically, how much you make after your MBA in hotel management depends on your years of work experience. It also depends on the country you choose to practice your profession and your performance.

With an MBA in hotel management, you can earn:

  • An average annual salary of SAR 345,600 (US$ 92,160) in Saudi Arabia.
  • An average annual salary of CHF 70,000 (US$ 73,020) in Switzerland.
  • An average annual salary of €52,380 (US$ 56,184) in Spain.
  • An average annual salary of $49,700 in the United States.
  • An average annual salary of NZ$ 66,780 ($44,035) in New Zealand.
  • An average annual salary of CA$ 52,415 (US$ 41,075) in Canada.

Expand Your Network

Pursuing an MBA in hotel management is an excellent way to boost your career. As professionals of different backgrounds undertake MBAs in hotel management, you will have the chance to forge links with many individuals. Studies show that networking helps a large number of graduates find a job.

Individuals such as your professors, peers, and business leaders you meet during your MBA are all valuable resources that can open many doors. From meeting potential business collaborators to exchanging information and knowledge, an MBA in hotel management will give you plenty of opportunities to enhance your career.

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