What Is an MBA Degree?

MBA in Hotel Management

MBA in Hotel Management

Hotel management deals with everything related to managing a hotel business. It is a fast-growing industry that allows you to travel to new work destinations and meet new people. A career in hotel management provides an experience in everything, starting from the finances of a hotel to culinary arts making your job as a hotel manager exciting, challenging, and diverse.

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An MBA in Hotel Management teaches you the techniques to manage a hotel, supervise the work of the housekeeping department, oversee the hotel’s operations daily, negotiate contracts and leases, and not only. After completing your MBA in Hotel Management, you will be a perfect candidate for top senior management roles in top-level hotels, resorts, airlines, and not only.

Why an MBA in Hotel Management?

Pursuing an MBA in Hotel Management results in increased earnings, higher chances for promotion, and plenty of career opportunities.

An MBA in Hotel Management allows you to:

Develop Valuable Skills

Hotel management as a profession requires professionals with leadership and communication skills, operational knowledge, flexibility, and team-building skills. Additionally, staying calm under pressure is another skill that hotel managers should possess. An MBA in Hotel Management equips you with all these skills.

You will work with various real-life cases during your studies, complete internships, attend seminars, etc. These will allow you to develop a wide range of skills. Moreover, the skills you will acquire through an MBA in Hotel Management are skills that can be transferred to a wide range of professions, allowing you to work in the hotel industry and not only.

Earn a Good Salary

As a hotel manager, you may be required to complete various tasks. Luckily, you will be able to earn a good salary in your profession. Typically, how much you make after your MBA in Hotel Management depends on your years of work experience. It also depends on the country you choose to practice your profession and your performance.

With an MBA in Hotel Management, you can earn:

Country Average Annual Salary
Saudi Arabia SAR 345,600 (US$ 92,160)
Switzerland CHF 70,000 (US$ 76,725)
Spain €52,380 (US$ 56,194)
United States $49,700
New Zealand NZ$ 66,780 (US$ 41,600)
Canada CA$ 52,415 (US$ 38,300)

Expand Your Network

Pursuing an MBA in hotel management is an excellent way to boost your career. As professionals of different backgrounds undertake MBAs in Hotel Management, you will have the chance to forge links with many individuals. Studies show that networking helps a large number of graduates find a job.

Individuals such as your professors, peers, and business leaders you meet during your MBA are all valuable resources that can open many doors. From meeting potential business collaborators to exchanging information and knowledge, an MBA in Hotel Management will give you plenty of opportunities to enhance your career.

Best Business Schools for an MBA in Hotel Management

16,164 Students

Stanford, United States

22,432 Students

Philadelphia, United States

15,366 Students

Chicago, United States

13,482 Students

New Haven, United States


Hanover, United States


Lausanne, Switzerland

2,500 Students

Hague, Netherlands

How Long Is an MBA in Hotel Management?

An MBA in Hotel Management takes approximately 2 years of full-time study to complete, divided into four semesters. However, plenty of universities offer MBA programs in Hotel Management in different study formats. See below:

MBA in Hotel Management Duration
Full-Time 2 Years
Part-Time 2 - 3 Years
Online 2 - 3 Years

Admission Requirements to an MBA in Hotel Management

As an MBA in Hotel Management is a postgraduate degree, you must have obtained a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field to Hotel Management prior to applying for your MBA program. Many universities list work experience as a prerequisite for admission to an MBA program, so having professional experience gives you an advantage over other applicants.

An overview of the academic qualifications you need before you apply for an MBA in Hotel Management includes the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Strong GPA
  • Work Experience
  • GMAT/GRE or other entrance exam scores
  • Updated CV
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Proof of language proficiency (if you are going to study in a language other than your native language).
  • Admission Essay

Apart from the academic qualifications that make you a good candidate for an MBA in Hotel Management, you might be wondering what skills are required for an MBA in Hotel Management. Some of the main skills that the admissions committee expects to see in prospective applicants include the following:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Operational Knowledge
  • Flexibility
  • Team-Building

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The Curriculum of an MBA in Hotel Management

The MBA in Hotel Management curriculum is designed to allow you to begin your studies with small team projects, prepare you for a global immersion, and, ultimately, integrate the skills you have acquired during your studies in the desired field of work.

Typically, subjects that you are most likely to find in the curriculum of an MBA in Hotel Management include the following:

  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Managerial Economics
  • Introduction to Hospitality Management
  • Introduction to Marketing Management
  • Introduction to Revenue Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Analytics and Research Skills for Business
  • International Marketing Research
  • Wellness in Workplace

What is the Scope of an MBA in Hotel Management?

As a graduate of the Hotel Management field, you will have employment opportunities in various industries. Some of the most common include the following:

  • Travel Agencies
  • Clubs
  • Catering Institutes
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Airlines
  • Food Institutes

How Can I Go Abroad After Doing an MBA in Hotel Management?

Moving abroad after earning an MBA is a common choice due to the numerous job opportunities MBA graduates find upon entering the job market. Going abroad after graduation is also a great opportunity to gain international exposure. But how can you complete this transition?

Follow the steps below if you are considering moving abroad after your MBA in Hotel Management:

  • Plan carefully beforehand.
  • Make sure you have an outstanding academic portfolio
  • Choose the country where you want to move.
  • Understand the requirements you must fulfill to stay in your target country permanently.
  • Find an employing company or internship role that allows you to gain a residence permit in your target country.
  • Prepare the necessary documents to move according to the requirements.

What is the Difference Between an MBA in Hospitality Management and Hotel Management?

Although many believe Hospitality Management and Hotel Management to be the same thing, there are differences between the two fields. While Hospitality Management is closely related to sectors that include event management services, accommodation, food, and beverages, Hotel Management is specifically concerned with the functioning of a hotel.

Can I Join HR After an MBA in Hotel Management?

Yes, after an MBA in Hotel Management, you can find work opportunities in the field of Human Resources. As Hotel Management also teaches you how to work with people and manage them, you can easily qualify for a job in Human Resources.

Which is Better, MBA in HR or Hotel Management?

Human Resources and Hotel Management as fields have many features in common, mainly because they are both people-related. In HR, the main task is to attract employees to an organization and manage them once they are part of it.

In Hotel Management, your tasks include managing budgets and financial records, planning events, handling customer complaints, promoting the business, and recruiting, training, and supervising staff members.

As a result, it solely depends on your preferences and career plans for the future to choose the best option.

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