MBA in Norway

Norway is a country that seamlessly blends the awe-inspiring beauty of its natural landscapes with a profound commitment to social welfare and sustainability. With its captivating fjords, majestic mountains, and pristine lakes leaving an enduring impression on all who venture here, Norway's commitment to a sustainable future is mirrored in its approach to business education.

With a strong interdisciplinary focus, real-world applications, and a global perspective, Norwegian business education cultivates graduates who not only excel in business management but also prioritize responsible decision-making, corporate social responsibility, and a profound commitment to creating a better, more sustainable world through their professional endeavors.

Are MBAs Popular in Norway?

MBAs are not as popular in Norway as they are in the United States or some European countries. Instead, Norway's business education landscape predominantly features other master's programs, including the Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA).

While there is a presence of Executive MBA (EMBA) programs such as those offered by NHH Norwegian School of Economics, BI Norwegian Business School, and the University of Agder, the broader trend leans toward a diverse range of specialized business master's degrees.

In addition, BI Norwegian Business School offers the BI-Fudan MBA Program, a two-year program with 11 core modules taught in Shanghai at Fudan University School of Management, concluding with a module and graduation ceremony in Oslo, Norway.

This reflects Norway's commitment to providing students with a comprehensive array of academic choices that align with evolving industry demands and individual career goals.

Some interesting specializations offered by Norwegian business programs include:

  • Financial Management and Management
  • Seafood Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Technology and Innovation of Finance
  • Sustainable Business Development and Innovation

Best Universities in Norway for Business Studies

Norway is home to several prestigious universities renowned for their excellence in business studies. These institutions provide a rich academic environment where students can explore a wide range of business disciplines while enjoying the benefits of studying in a country known for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. Some of them include the following:

BI Norwegian Business School

Established in 1943 by Finn Øien, BI Norwegian Business School began as a private night school for business courses. Today, it boasts triple accreditation and top rankings from the Financial Times. Offering diverse master's programs like Applied Economics and Business Analytics, BI prepares students for success in business. It also provides executive programs like the Executive MBA and Executive Master of Management in Energy for experienced professionals.

NHH Norwegian School of Economics

Established in 1936, the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) is a prominent business school located in Bergen, Norway. It stands out as a leading institution in the fields of management and business administration. NHH's Triple Crown accreditation, top European rankings, and international collaborations make it an excellent choice for students seeking high-quality education and numerous career opportunities.

Norwegian University of Science And Technology

NTNU is Norway's largest public university, known for its diverse academic programs, including business-related studies. With campuses in Trondheim, Gjøvik, and Ålesund, it offers English-language master's degrees like Entrepreneurship and International Business and Marketing. NTNU, established in 1760, stands as Norway's premier university following a merger in 2016.

University of Adger

The University of Agder, a public institution with campuses in Kristiansand and Grimstad, Norway, fosters collaborative knowledge advancement among its dedicated community. Combining Southern Norway's warmth with academic excellence, it offers a wide array of business-related programs, including AACSB-accredited options like the Executive Master of Business Administration.

University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger (UiS) is an innovative institution focused on knowledge development and societal change. With a strong emphasis on green transition, energy, health, and welfare, UiS offers business-related programs, including the Master in Service Leadership in International Business and specialized Master of Science in Business Administration options, equipping students for success in the dynamic business and leadership arena.

Alternative Programs to MBA in Norway

In Norway, an exciting and increasingly sought-after alternative to the traditional MBA is the Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA). With most universities in the country offering this distinctive program, students are presented with a diverse array of options to further their business education.

Here are some of the best programs available:

  • BI Norwegian Business School - MSc in Business
  • NHH Norwegian School of Economics - MSc in Economics and Business Administration
  • Norwegian University of Science And Technology - MSc in International Business and Marketing
  • University of Adger - MSc in Business Administration

Norway's dynamic business education landscape extends far beyond the programs mentioned here. Whether you're into finance, sustainability, entrepreneurship, or any other aspect of business and management, Norwegian universities have a wide range of specialized master's programs that are worth exploring.

Difference Between MBA and MSc in Business Administration in Norway

In Norway, where MBA options are limited, the Master of Science in Business Administration (MSc) offers a research-oriented, academically rigorous approach suitable for those aspiring to academic or research careers or seeking an in-depth understanding of business theories.

In contrast, the Master of Business Administration (MBA), although less common in Norway, is recognized globally for its practicality, leadership development, and management focus. It suits experienced professionals aiming for leadership roles in various industries. The choice between these programs depends on career goals, work experience, and the preference for academic or practical business education.

Most In-Demand Business Degrees & Specializations in Norway

Given Norway's major industries and the most in-demand jobs in 2023, several business degrees and specializations are likely to be in high demand. These include:

  • Energy Management. With a strong presence in oil, gas, and renewable energy, Norway requires professionals with expertise in energy management to navigate these sectors effectively.
  • Maritime Business. Shipping and shipbuilding are vital industries, and a specialization in maritime business could lead to promising career opportunities.
  • Seafood Management. Norway's fishing industry is significant, making degrees related to fisheries and aquaculture management relevant.
  • Engineering Management. Norway's focus on mechanical and civil engineering highlights the potential demand for professionals with engineering management skills.
  • Information Technology Management. IT professionals, including project managers, developers, and programmers, are in high demand across various industries, making IT management degrees valuable.

Business Masters in Norway Eligibility & Cost

Eligibility and costs for business master's programs in Norway can vary depending on the university and specific program. However, here are some general guidelines:


Academic Requirements. Typically, you will need a bachelor's degree or an equivalent qualification in a related field for admission to a business master's program in Norway. Some programs may also have specific GPA requirements.

Language Proficiency. As many programs are taught in English, you may need to demonstrate proficiency in English through tests like IELTS or TOEFL. Some universities may also accept English proficiency certificates from previous academic institutions.

Prerequisites. Certain programs may have prerequisite courses or knowledge requirements in subjects like economics, mathematics, or business-related subjects.

Work Experience. While not always mandatory, some programs, especially EMBAs, may require applicants to have relevant work experience.


Studying for a business master's degree in Norway can vary in cost depending on the university and program you choose. If you are a student from outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland, you will typically have to pay tuition fees at Norwegian universities.

Here are some examples of tuition fees for business master's programs at various universities in Norway:

School Program Cost
BI Norwegian Business School MSc in Business NOK 114,200 (€9,898)
Executive MBA NOK 540,000 (€46,649)
NHH Norwegian School of Economics Executive MBA NOK 445,000 (€38,689)
MSc in Economics and Business Administration NOK 360,000 (€31,286)
University of Adger Executive MBA NOK 360,000 (€31,286)
MSc in Business Administration NOK 360,000 (€31,286)
University of Stavanger MSc in Business Administration NOK 250,000 (€21,716)

Business Masters Career Prospects in Norway

Completing a business master's program in Norway opens doors to diverse career opportunities. Graduates often secure roles in management, finance, marketing, and IT management. The thriving financial sector offers positions in banking and investment, while the marketing field sees demand for digital marketing experts.

Entrepreneurs can explore startup ventures, and there are growing opportunities in renewable energy and sustainability management. Proficiency in Norwegian can be beneficial, but many international firms operate in English.

Prominent corporations in Norway encompass a range of industries and include well-known names like:

  • Aker Solutions
  • BNP Paribas
  • Equinor
  • Gjensidige Forsikring
  • Joh Johannson Handel
  • NorgesGruppen
  • Norsk Hydro
  • Orkla
  • Storebrand
  • Telenor Group
  • Yara International

Overall, the job market for business master's graduates in Norway is dynamic and offers ample networking and support resources.

When it comes to business education, Norway offers an experience that's truly one-of-a-kind! The country's diverse English-taught programs, research-driven innovation, and commitment to sustainability make it a standout destination for those seeking an MBA or Business Master's degree.