10 Students From Mongolia to Continue Their Studies in EU With Erasmus+ Scholarships

Mongolia Asia International Studies Europe by Erudera News Sep 01, 2022

Erasmus+ program

The European Union has awarded ten full scholarships to young Mongolian students to continue their studies for two years in the EU under the Erasmus+ Program.

In a press release, the Delegation of the EU to Mongolia said that students would earn a master's degree at the end of their program, which they will be carrying out in at least two different universities, Erudera.com reports.

In a meeting organized by the EU office in Mongolia, Ambassador Axelle Nicaise congratulated the students, wishing them a rich experience and success in their future studies. She also expressed delight, saying that it is wonderful to see many young people trying to study in the EU.

According to her, the Erasmus+ Program offers a unique opportunity to experience Europe and to grow academically and professionally in high-quality universities.

"For the 2021-2027 period, the Erasmus+ program has nearly doubled in available funding. We will therefore make every effort to ensure that many more young Mongolians know that these opportunities exist for them," Ambassador Nicaise pointed out in this regard.

The Delegation of the EU has revealed that between 2014 and 2020, about 160 Mongolian students benefited from this program.

In addition to the master's scholarships given by the Erasmus+ program, many bachelor students, academics, researchers, and more are offered an opportunity for studies from this program that helps them develop and share knowledge and experiences in institutions and organizations in the countries that make up the EU.

"EU Delegation staff also joined the send-off gathering to share their personal experiences with the students on the new lifestyles they will meet in the respective European countries of study. In addition, they shared their insights on culture, academics, food, health, social life, and language to prepare the students for a memorable and insightful experience," reads the statement of the EU office.

Erasmus+, which is one of the EU's main programs for education, training, youth, and sport, has marked its 35th anniversary this year.

Almost 640,000 people have been supported for studies, internships, or voluntary work by Erasmus+ since 2020. The same has also financed about 126,900 organizations and about 20,400 projects as well.

Previously, 200 young Nigerian students received postgraduate scholarships from the EU to continue their studies in the best EU universities under the Erasmus+ program. The figures also show that compared to 2021, more Nigerian students have received scholarships this year.

At the same time, the data reveals that Nigeria ranks second only to Pakistan among the countries that benefit from this program due to the high number of students selected to participate.