130 Job Cuts Might Take Place At Adelaide University Due to Budget Deficit

Australia Oceania COVID-19 Higher Education News by Erudera News Jul 12, 2021

University of Adelaide

At least 130 job cuts could take place at the University of Adelaide due to financial problems within the institution as a result of the lack of income generated from international students, with the university expected to face a $22 million shortfall in 2022.

On Thursday, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, Peter Høj spoke about the university’s financial situation during a forum which was attended by the university’s staff, Erudera.com reports.

“Due to the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, under our current projections (moderate scenario), the University is facing a $22 million shortfall in 2022,” Hoj said, adding that the yearly shortfall could increase to $47 million by 2023 if the university fails to make any changes in this regard.

After the forum, Hoj sent an email to the university’s staff, pointing out that the institution is working to find options to address losses.

“My message to staff was one I found difficult and sad to deliver, and for many, it will not have been easy to hear, particularly so shortly after the measures our University took in 2020 with strong cooperation from staff,” Høj emphasized in his email.

Furthermore, he said that the continuing impact of the pandemic on the sector’s income generated from international students makes it crucial for the university’s staff, students as well as the state to deal with the financial situation to ensure financial stability within the university.

In order to avoid the shortfall, Hoj said that the university is considering making nearly $30 million in further savings and no less than $20 million from new income.

The university has already considered nine alternatives regarding the situation, including cutting 130 full-time equivalent professional staff jobs. The institution is also looking into the establishment of three single faculties over the basis of the current five.

“Detailed decisions about how we address the proposed initiatives have yet to be finalized, and while we need to take urgent action, I also recognize that it may take some time for us to work through the complexity of our response,” Høj added, claiming that if the university decides to proceed with the proposed changes, it will complete it under the Enterprise Agreement

These changes are expected to be implemented by mid-September if they receive approval. Earlier this year, the University of Adelaide refused to participate in seven international research projects due to foreign interference, which decision was confirmed through the university’s submission to the federal parliamentary committee on Intelligence and Security.

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