ESILV Labeled Among Most Welcoming Universities for Int'l Students by Campus France

France Europe International Studies by Erudera News Dec 07, 2020


Leonardo da Vinci School of Engineering (ESILV) has received the “Welcome to France” label or in French “Bienvenue en France”.

The “Welcome to France” strategy aims to attract more international students in the country as well as to enhance the impact of French higher education worldwide. Moreover, it highlights that education institutions in the country have established systems to welcome international students.

The label has been given by Campus France and has been initiated as part of the “Bienvenue en France” program.

29 engineering schools out of more than 200 existing institutions in France have so far obtained the label by Campus France within this campaign, Erudera reports.

“ESILV is one of the 102 establishments labelled “Bienvenue en France” following the last labelling committee bringing together the establishment conferences (CPU, Cdefi, CGE), Hcéres, CTI and Campus France,” a statement by ESILV notes.

The “Welcome to France” label outlines concrete measures and actions which can directly affect the daily life of international students in France and helps in arranging their arrival in the country as well as regarding the possible administrative procedures.

The assessment focuses on a total of 20 indicators which are separated into five main topics, including:

  • the quality and accessibility of information
  • the quality and accessibility of reception facilities
  • accessibility and support regarding teaching
  • housing and quality of life on campuses
  • post-graduate follow-up

This label is granted to French education institutions which prove the highest levels in offering support services to international students.

There are 135 institutions which are in different phases of the application process, including:

  • 73 universities, multi-institution clusters (COMUEs), major free-standing schools
  • 47 engineering schools          
  • 20 business and management schools          
  • 7 art schools
  • 5 language schools 
  • 3 Catholic institutes                    
  • 3 culinary schools     
  • 2 international organizations       

 During 2016,  the number of international students pursuing studies in France grew by 23 per cent.

Data by Campus France show that due to a higher increase of international students studying abroad at the same time, a decrease in France’s share in international mobility from 9 to 5 per cent has taken place.

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