Govt to Invest $16.8 Million to Encourage International Students to Study in Western Australia

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The government of Western Australia is investing $16.8 million to encourage more international students to study in the state, as well as to continue supporting international student initiatives, the International Education Minister for Western Australia, David Templeman, announced on Wednesday.

The announcement notes that $10 million would be allocated to the Agent Incentive Scheme in the 2022-23 State Budget aiming to promote Western Australia as a study destination to potential international students, reports.

The scheme will provide $500 to agents if a student enrolls in a school, ELICOS, or VET provider and $1,000 for a confirmed enrolment at one of the five universities in the state.

“While WA education providers have longstanding formal agreements with education agents across the globe, this initiative will provide an additional incentive to agents from the State Government in recognition of successful enrolments at WA education providers,” the announcement reads.

The remaining amount of $6.8 million will be allocated for International Student Accommodation Subsidy (ISAS) and International Student ELICOS Bursary (ISEB). The two incentives will provide $1,500 to eligible students in WA.

The Minister said that these programs, which support the government's efforts towards international education, were part of an additional A$41.2 million in international education initiatives included in the 2022-23 State Budget.

Templeman described Western Australia as the best place to pursue studies and work.

“It is vitally important that the McGowan Government incentivises international student agents, as well as students, to encourage them to consider and ultimately make the right choice to study in our State,” he said.

Templeman said that the launch of these programs aims to attract thousands of international students who would call Western Australia home and benefit from the country’s education institutions renowned worldwide.

During the pandemic, Australia had some of the world’s toughest rules, forcing many international students to consider other study destinations.

Western Australia reopened to international students enrolled in higher education institutions and primary and secondary schools early this year under a new pathway, allowing up to 6,000 international students to enter the state.

According to data by Australia’s Department of Education, the total number of international students studying Australian courses was 478,230 for the January-June 2022 period, a 10 percent decrease compared to the same period in 2021. Of these, 133,200 students came from China, followed by 77,357 from India, 44,969 from Nepal, 17,858 from Vietnam, 13,495 from Indonesia, and more.

Over the January-June period, the majority of international students in Western Australia were Indian (4,896).

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