Harvard Offers Free Online Portuguese Language Classes

United States North America Higher Education News by Erudera News Jun 02, 2022

Harvard University in spring

Harvard University is offering free online courses in the Portuguese language, which have been made available by Fundação Estudar, a non-profit institution that offers study, career, and other development opportunities for youngsters across Brazil.

Students can register on the Estudar Fora page to attend the university’s most popular course in computer science, CS50, Forbes reports.

To register, applicants should complete a form with personal data and finally confirm the registration in order to be able to attend the full course.

CS50 offers the applicants the opportunity to gain knowledge about computer science, from basic computer skills to more advanced techniques, and aims to help students from different backgrounds and professions.

During the course, students can learn other languages, including HTML, Java, and SQL, the knowledge of which is also needed in other professions.

The program, which was earlier offered for ten weeks, has now been extended to 11 weeks. CS50 offers 25 hours of video content, including security concepts, algorithms, software engineering, case and theory studies, web programming, and more.

“Among the overarching goals of this course are to inspire students to explore unfamiliar waters, without fear of failure, create an intensive, shared experience, accessible to all students, and build community among students,” the course syllabus reads.

While pursuing CS50 course, students are expected to attend all sections, complete the required labs, solve problem sets, take quizzes, test, and finally, the course is completed with a final project.

Professors who will be teaching classes are:

  • David C. Malan – Professor of Computer Science Practice and Member of the Harvard School of Education, also the founder of the CS50 course
  • Doug Lloyd – Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Continuing Education at Harvard
  • Brian Yu – Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Continuing Education at the university

Erudera has lately reported that Havard University is offering courses in the Albanian language for the first time. The administrator at the Harvard Department of Comparative Literature, Faton Limani, said that the course will be offered as an elective subject.

“Today, I have the pleasure to share with you very happy news regarding our Albanian language. In collaboration with compatriot and colleague Eva Stathi – Misho, we have managed to introduce the subject of Albanian language as an elective subject for the first time at Harvard University for all students of all levels,” Limani wrote on a Twitter post.

Harvard University is considered the most prestigious university in the US and worldwide. It is the oldest US higher education institution, established in 1636.

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