Students Can Study Albanian Language for First Time at Harvard University

Albania United States Europe Higher Education News by Erudera News May 11, 2022

Harvard University in spring

Students at Harvard University can now choose to study the Albanian language for the first time as an elective subject.

The news has been announced by Faton Limani, administrator at the Harvard Department of Comparative Literature, Erudera reports.

“Today, I have the pleasure to share with you very happy news regarding our Albanian language. In collaboration with compatriot and colleague Eva Stathi – Misho, we have managed to introduce the subject of Albanian language as an elective subject for the first time at Harvard University for all students of all levels,” Limani tweeted.

Limani added that the course on the Albanian language will be offered during the year at three levels; elementary knowledge, intermediary knowledge, and advanced level in the Department of Comparative Literature.

Among the latest developments in Harvard is the announcement that the university has offered admission to 1,214 applicants for the Class of 2026. The university stressed that a total of 1,954 have already submitted applications for the Class of 2026, including students who have applied in the early action process.

Meanwhile, the Albanian language is also taught at other universities and colleges across the United States and worldwide.

It was reported that a considerable number of students choose to study Albanian at Mercy College. According to the director of Mercy College’s Modern Foreign Languages Program, Alan Hartman, there were more students studying the Albanian language at Mercy College than at any other colleges in New York State during November 2021.

“Albanian is an important language in our immediate community and an important language in the Balkans,” Hartman said.

In an article published on the college’s website, Hartman stressed that after he noted that there are many Albanian-American students who attend Mercy College, he decided to ask them if they would like to formally study the language. The huge interest among students pushed him to see whether there is a possibility of providing Albanian language courses.

“At Mercy, we’re able to determine the exact resources that we need and how to best serve our particular student population,” he said. “That’s different than many other institutions. This program helps us all stand out as the promising scholars and unique academic community that we are,” Hartman said, pointing out that the college may one day also offer a Study Program in the Albanian language.

At Yale, through the Directed Independent Language Study (DILS) program, students can study a language that is not taught in the university’s classroom. The Albanian Language has been among the languages offered through this program since 2001.

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