Italian University Suspends Course on the Great Novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky Dueto Russian-Ukraine Crisis

Italy Russia Ukraine Europe Higher Education News by Erudera News Mar 07, 2022

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The University of Milano-Bicocca, in Milan, has decided to postpone a course about one of the greatest writers of all time, Fyodor Dostoevsky.

The decision to postpone the course comes as Russia continues attack on Ukraine. The news was announced by the professor of the course on Dostoevsky, Paolo Nori, through a video posted on his Instagram account, reports.

Nori was expected to give a four-session course on Dostoevsky at the house of studies, best known for four novels: Crime and Punishment, Demons, The Idiot, and The Brothers Karamazov.

“Dear Professor, the Vice-Rector for Didactics, has informed me of a decision taken with the rector to postpone the course on Dostoevsky,” Nori read in the video he posted on Instagram.

He noted that the situation in Ukraine is horrible; however, banning a course is ridiculous, also pointing out that it is unbelievable that an Italian university bans a course for an author like Dostoevsky.

“This is to avoid any controversy, especially internally, during a time of strong tensions,” Nori adds.

According to him, in Italy is not only wrong to be a living Russian today but also a dead Russian. He recalled that Dostoevsky was sentenced to death in 1849 for reading banned books.

Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many universities worldwide have offered their support to universities and students in Ukraine.

The voice of UK universities, Universities UK said that the conflict affects the entire higher education community, including staff from Ukraine and Russia in the UK as well as students from the two countries.

The organization said that it is willing to offer financial and welfare support and focus on identifying the support which the affected students and staff need.

Top universities in Australia have also offered counseling and other assistance measures to international students affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

Go8 Chief Executive Vicki Thomson said that Go8 universities are aware of the impact of the conflict on Ukrainian and Russian students in Australia. According to her, universities have acted rapidly, contacting students from the two countries to check on their well-being and offer support to the latter.

“We will monitor the situation closely and offer additional support as the situation evolves,” Thomson stressed.

Moreover, universities in Germany have also expressed concerns about the lives and the well-being of Ukrainian academics and students, saying that they will help them “within the scope of their capabilities.”

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