Newman University Announces Major Changes: 8 Programs Cut, 10 Added for Fall 2024

United States North America Higher Education News by Erudera News Oct 27, 2023

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Newman University has decided to remove eight undergraduate programs and add ten more for fall 2024, the university has announced.

The programs that will not be available for new students during the 2024/25 academic year are English, math, finance, history, marketing, philosophy, social work, and philosophy, reports.

However, students will be able to continue their degree through graduation at Newman University, and full-time faculty will stay on to teach these courses.

Following the announcement, Newman University President Kathleen Jagger said that the decision was not easy to make but that it was important to adapt to the market forces.

“Our faculty represent the heart of Newman, playing an integral role in shaping our institution and guiding our students towards a brighter future. And, while such decisions are challenging, we are fully committed to supporting affected faculty and students during this transition,” Newman University President Kathleen S. Jagger said.

According to a press release by the university, the ten new programs that have been added include undergraduate majors in the following fields:

  • agribusiness
  • computer science
  • digital design
  • adult and professional studies

Additionally, new graduate programs are:

  • biomedical science
  • business administration
  • data science
  • online social work
  • education

In its statement, the university said that the decision had been made in coordination with faculty, board members, administrative staff, and other educational consultants after carefully reviewing. According to the school, the new changes are an approach to meet the evolving needs of Newman’s students and community.

“Newman will always fulfill the commitments we have made to our students,” President Jagger added.

To the faculty whose contacts have to be terminated due to the discontinuation of programs, the university has offered a compensation package. The faculty has been informed that their current contracts will not be extended after the academic year ends in May.

The university told students who have a major or a minor that will no longer be offered that they will be able to complete their course at Newman and maintain their eligibility and financial support.

“If you are wondering about how this decision may personally impact you, please reach out to your academic advisor or visit the Academic Affairs office on the third floor of Sacred Heart Hall. We are here to support you throughout this transition and ensure that your academic journey continues smoothly,” Vice President of Academic Affairs Alden Stout said.

Newman University is a private Roman Catholic university in Wichita, Kansas, founded in 1933.

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