Over 200,000 International Students Studied Math & Computer Science in US During 2021/22

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US universities and colleges offer a wide range of study programs, from engineering to arts. Out of 948,519 international students in the United States during the academic year 2021/22, a total of 200,301 chose to study mathematics and computer science, according to the Open Doors report released by the Institute of International Education (IIE).

The report shows that of all students, 157,896 studied computer and information sciences, and the remaining 42,405 took math and statistics courses, Erudera.com reports.

The next most popular field of study for international students in the US was engineering, attracting 188,194 students from abroad. Nonetheless, the number of international students choosing this discipline decreased by 1.3 percent in 2021/22 compared to the previous year.

Types of engineering degrees by the number of students:

  • Engineering - 173,718 students
  • Engineering Technologies / Technicians - 11,261 students
  • Transportation and Materials Moving - 2,539 students
  • Mechanic and Repair Technologies / Technicians – 363 students
  • Military Technologies – 133 students
  • Construction Trades – 140 students
  • Precision Production – 50 students

In the academic year 2021/22, students from Kuwait had a special interest in studying engineering in the US, with data showing that 49 percent of these students selected the engineering field.

More students from Iran and Bangladesh were also enrolled in engineering courses offered in US higher education institutions, 48.2 percent and 38 percent, respectively.

Business and management and social sciences were among other popular fields for international students, with 147,293 and 78,770 enrolled students, respectively. Seven other disciplines with most international students, were:

  • Physical and life sciences - 78,712 students
  • Fine and applied arts - 51,136 students
  • Health professions - 32,052 students
  • Communications and journalism - 19,702 students
  • Education - 15,272 students
  • Humanities - 15,204 students
  • Legal studies and law enforcement - 13,793 students

Figures show that international students were less interested in studying agriculture and intensive English.

International student enrollment in the US increased by 3.8 percent in 2021/22 compared to the prior year, from 914,095 to 948,519 students from more than 200 countries.

“U.S. colleges and universities are places of inspiration, innovation, and opportunity – providing the skills and networks necessary to solve global challenges.” Lee Satterfield, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, said upon publishing the Open Doors 2022 report.

Europe ranks the second continent for the number of students in the US, only behind Asia. The total number of European students who attended US colleges and universities in 2021/22 was 83,240, the majority from the UK, Germany, Turkey and Spain.

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