Sorbonne University Launches Master's Degree Program In Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship

France Europe Higher Education News by Erudera News May 11, 2021

Sorbonne University

The entrepreneurship program, PEPITE at Sorbonne University (Student Pole for Innovation, Transfer, and Entrepreneurship), is being complemented with a specialized master’s degree (Bac + 6), extending the training in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship furthermore.

According to the vice-president at Entrepreneurship of Sorbonne University, Philippe Lebaron, this program intends to establish projects where students can grow professionally, conducted by PETITE and its research laboratories, reports.

“This policy is more broadly in line with the creation by 2023 of a building entirely dedicated to its ecosystem of innovation, transfer, and entrepreneurship. All the support structures will be gathered around a business hotel. It will be a place of permanent exchange between the university, its staff, its students, and its socio-economic partners,” Lebaron said.

PEPITE is an entrepreneurship portal for students from undergraduate to doctoral levels at Sorbonne University. The portal is focused on raising awareness of entrepreneurship and also supports students in establishing their entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial projects.

The training is based on three diplomas: the Student-Entrepreneur diploma (D2E), the DU “entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial project management,” and the specialized master’s degree Entreprendre. The D2E and DU courses teach learning methodologies, whereas the master’s degree offers more high-level lectures.

The university is focused on two main goals; to mix students with different profiles, since diverse backgrounds and perspectives are a real success for entrepreneurs, and to organize more meetings between participants to benefit from conferences, workshops, and events.

Furthermore, the master’s degree is carried out by the Centre for Applied Literary and Scientific Studies (CELSA), a communication school at Sorbonne University.

The director of Entrepreneurship specialized master’s degree, Jean-Christophe Pic, noted that the training targets people with successful business creation projects. The candidates who are willing to establish a new business (entrepreneurship) or be added to existing organizations (intrapreneurship) are advised to apply.

“It trains project leaders, business creators, those responsible for a mission linked to innovation within a company or an institution, etc. This master’s degree welcomes graduates of initial training regardless of their background,” director Pic said.

Further on, Pic noted that the degree program is a combination of business management and communication, which can be used to build brands, strengthen strategies, evaluate a project or develop a network of resources.

For students who want to join the program, the recruitment process is open from April 26 to September 10, 2021. In order to be eligible to apply, candidates must hold a Bac +5, which is equivalent to a master’s degree. Other candidates are also eligible to apply if they have Bac +3 with VAPP (validation of prior learning for exemption from the title) and at least three years of professional experience. Both cohorts of candidates are required to present a project since the pedagogy is based on personal situations.

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