University of Alabama Will Not Require Fully Vaccinated Individuals to Wear Masks After Nov. 5


The University of Alabama will no longer require fully vaccinated individuals to wear face coverings at most university facilities, a decision that takes effect as of November 5, 2021.

According to a university statement, after November 4, only those who are unvaccinated will be required to wear masks while indoors, in crowded outdoor settings, or during outdoor activities due to close contact with other individuals who are not vaccinated, reports.

Those involved in patient clinical-care settings, including the University Medical Center, the Student Health Center, the Capstone Village assisted living and specialty care units, Brewer-Porch Children’s Center, the Working on Womanhood program as well as all persons on Crimson Ride buses will also be required to follow with the mask requirement after November 4.

“Unvaccinated individuals will not be required to wear masks when eating or drinking while maintaining appropriate distancing, when alone in an office with floor-to-ceiling walls and a closed door, while actively exercising, or in residence hall rooms,” the university highlighted.

Among others, the university advised anyone, including individuals who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to choose to wear masks even if they are not required to do so. It also noted that individuals who are not fully vaccinated must maintain social distancing.

Following Executive Order 14042 and guidance from the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force, the University of Alabama, on October 22, 2021, required all its employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19 by December 8, 2021, unless they receive an approved medical, disability, or religious exemption.

“In areas of low or moderate community transmission, fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask. Fully vaccinated individuals do not need to physically distance regardless of the level of transmission in the area. Individuals who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask indoors and in certain outdoor settings,” the federal guidance notes.

Staff, faculty, and student employees can report their vaccination status or request exemptions for disability, medical or religious reasons through the Vaccine Management Portal.

“Those who were vaccinated on campus through the University Medical Center, Student Health Center or on-campus mobile unit need only provide permission through the portal for their COVID-19 vaccination information to be shared for this purpose,” the university pointed out.

All students at the University of Alabama, regardless of their vaccination status, had to wear masks indoors until October 29, except in residences or some places where social distance could be maintained.

Differently, the University of Northampton has reintroduced the mask mandate in all buildings as of October 25, 2021, following an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. The requirement means that all students and employees at the university are required to wear face coverings while at the university.

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