University of Chicago to Offer Full-Tuition Scholarships & Other Support to Students Affected by Russia-Ukraine War

Russia Ukraine United States Europe Higher Education News by Erudera News Mar 18, 2022

University of Chicago, Hyde Park

The University of Chicago is planning to offer full-tuition scholarships and other support to students and scholars affected by war in Ukraine, the university has announced.

UChicago says that the move is inspired by the impact that the university has noticed after supporting students and educators affected by wars and crises in the recent decade, reports.

In addition to full-tuition scholarships, the university plans to offer:

  • Expanded programming in college readiness and preparation for college applications for Ukrainian students
  • More financial support and other services for the university’s students and scholars affected by the conflict in Ukraine in need of financial help
  • Expanded fellowship programs for current university students who can’t continue studies in Ukraine

“The invasion of Ukraine and the devastating humanitarian crisis that is unfolding has many dimensions, including the disruption of the lives and careers of scholars and students who have the potential to contribute to new knowledge that will benefit humanity,” UChicago President Paul Alivisatos said.

Alivisatos said that UChicago is ready to expand admission efforts as well as offer support to displaced students and scholars.

In June 2022, UChicago’s Center in Paris is expected to start offering in-person and online admission and college-readiness support, which will include a streamlined application process for Ukrainian students who are unable to complete their final semesters, as well as a connection to help these students apply to over 150 other universities through the Coalition for College app.

Dean of the College and the Martin A. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor of History and the College, John W. Boyer, said that with the assistance, the university hopes to support the potential of youth affected by war in Ukraine and to ensure that these youngsters’ futures will not be impacted by political conflict or violence.

“UChicago was founded as a beacon of academic excellence, and that includes supporting the global academic community in times of great need,” Boyer said.

UChicago also noted it is working with individual scholars and scientists in Ukraine and with the national organization “Scholars At Risk” to place them at the university’s departments and laboratories.

Similarly, the university offered assistance to students and scholars in other conflict zones in recent years, including students and scholars from Afghanistan and Iraq. It also extended support to students from Puerto Rico who were affected by hurricanes in 2017.

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