University of Helsinki Donates €50,000 to UNICEF to Support People of Ukraine

Helsinki, Finland

The University of Helsinki has condemned Russia’s actions against Ukraine, expressing support to Ukraine and its university community.

The institution has decided to support victims of the war in Ukraine by donating an amount of €50,000 to UNICEF, which donation is made from the income of the University of Helsinki’s funds (HYR), reports.

The University Pharmacy has also allocated €20,000 to support those in need amid the war in Ukraine. According to a press release published on the university’s website, the first donation was made through Operation Hope, whereas the second donation was made to the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

At the same time, the University Pharmacy has reduced its pharmacy chain in Russia, also planning to end its work in the Russian market.

The university says it supports international partnerships in research and higher education even during tough times; however, it added that there are times when cooperation must be reconsidered and “Russia’s condemnable attack in Ukraine warrants exceptional action.”

“We keep monitoring both national and EU sanctions, and will adjust policies and processes accordingly. We will work together with other Finnish and international universities in an effort to end hostilities in Ukraine, and to support Ukrainian institutions and individuals,” the university notes.

In order to be able to issue recommendations and take measures, the institution has established a team to monitor the situation in Ukraine, sanctions, and their impact.

The University of Helsinki offers health and wellbeing support to Ukrainian students and staff, as well as grants the right to complete non-degree studies to persons who have arrived in Finland whose degree studies have been disrupted in Ukraine due to developments there.

The right to complete studies is expected to be granted to courses or study modules on the basis of a free-form application.

“The application must indicate the language skills of the applicant, the discipline and the extent of studies completed in the past, and other grounds for the application. A copy of the passport or similar document shall be attached to the application. Applications will be processed until the end of 2022 without application deadlines. Rights of completion will be granted until 31.7.2023 and no fees will be charged for non-degree studies,” the university adds.

The University of Helsinki has asked its community to bring to an end the engagement with any Russian government agency while announcing that it will cancel all new collaborations with Russia and Belarus for the time being. Exchange students from Russia are still allowed to continue and complete mobility as planned before the war.

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