University of Rochester Advises All Its Students to Get COVID-19 Vaccine as Quickly as Possible

Higher Education News by Erudera News Apr 07, 2021

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The University of Rochester is encouraging its students to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible, after New York State announced it is expanding the eligibility for vaccination, including the people of the age 16 or above.

The university has required students scheduling their vaccination to not forget about its timing, in particular the timing of the second dose of vaccine series, adding that students should keep in mind that if receiving Moderna or Pfizer, different from the first dose, the second dose of the vaccines series could trigger stronger side effects.

In a press release, the University of Rochester stated that all vaccines, including Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen/Johnson & Johnson, are safe and effective, pointing out that studies have already shown that the three of them are 100 percent protective against the virus.

It further said that students enrolled at the University of Rochester could preregister online for COVID-19 vaccination at the University’s Medical Center campus, and they are not required to be permanent residents in New York State in order to be eligible to get the vaccine, as international students or domestic students from another state also qualify to be vaccinated. 

“You have to provide an on-campus address, or local off-campus address in the registration form; if listing an on-campus address, list the residence hall/dorm address and not a PO Box number. Additionally, students are required to bring a driver’s license or other government issued ID to the actual appointment to show proof of age,” the press release reads.

To register on the waitlist, students should provide a university email address so they can receive an email invitation to sign up for an appointment once URMC receives the vaccine from the state and is ready to schedule clinics.

“Appointments will be on a “first clicked, first scheduled” basis, so check your email frequently after signing onto the waitlist; also check junk mail for an email from Employee Health. Note: the online registration process is configured to ask if you are a University employee; students should simply reply “no,” the university has advised.

Every student can get the vaccine in different local pharmacies, at New York State-designated sites, and at other health care sites. The university said that those who must pay for transportation services for vaccination appointments or any kind of financial assistance could receive it from the University’s Basic Needs Hub.

Despite the opportunity to get vaccines, the university has advised all students to continue respecting measures against COVID-19, including wearing masks, maintaining distance as well as preventing any gatherings at the university.

So far, individuals at the age of 16 years and above can only receive the Pfizer vaccine among the three vaccines, as the same is the only one approved for these ages, whereas Moderna and Janssen/J&J are approved only for people at the age 18 and over.

Similar to the University of Rochester, several other universities across the United States have intensified their efforts to vaccinate their students and staff.

The University of Florida notified it will vaccinate more than 1,000 students as a part of an experiment in a bid to see whether there is still a chance to spread the virus after vaccination.

The Rutgers University in New Jersey also required its students to get the COVID-19 vaccine before their return to campus in the fall, whereas the University of Tennessee Knoxville (UT) has already begun vaccinating its students, staff, and faculty members.

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