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Living in Switzerland: Pros and Cons

Living in Switzerland: Pros and Cons

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The spectacular natural beauty of the mighty Mountains, the calm lakes, quaint villages, vibrant cities and towering castles - that's just some of what Switzerland has to offer. It gets much better when you include some shopping, wine tasting, and delicious chocolates. Because of its excellent level of life and low crime rate, Switzerland has historically been recognized as one of the best locations in the world to live. In fact, the salary in Switzerland is among the best in the world.

Pros of Living in Switzerland

High Quality of Life

Switzerland consistently rates as one of the best countries to live in, which is no secret. According to the OECD Better Life Index for 2021, Switzerland surpassed all other OECD nations regarding subjective well-being, employment and earnings, wealth and income, environmental quality, education and skills, work-life balance, housing, and personal security.

It's difficult to match Switzerland's standard of living. You won't be asked to work late or on the weekends very often because many workplaces value work-life balance.

In Switzerland, family is also very important, and most employers will be fine if you need to take time off, even in the middle of the workday, to take care of a family matter. Moreover, you'll have enough of money left over to take advantage of Switzerland's fantastic cuisine, vacation opportunities, and outdoor activities.


According to Global Peace Index, Switzerland ranks 11th in the world for its safety and peacefulness.

Switzerland is recognized for its low violent crime rate, political neutrality, and stability. The last time the Swiss army was in battle was in 1847, and the annual terror attack rate is in the low single digits.

Natural Beauty

With regard to natural beauty, Switzerland is the jewel of Europe. The perfect place to live for those who enjoy the outdoors, hiking, and winter sports is Switzerland. Naturally, the Alps are always at the top of the list when considering Swiss beauty, and mountains indeed make up two-thirds of the nation. Yet other crucial elements of Swiss geography include the Central Plateau, forests, and wetlands.

Around a third of the nation is covered by forests, while about a quarter of the land is in protected areas. There are over 50,000 different kinds of animals, fungus, and plants there. Switzerland is also Europe's water tower, holding 6% of the continent's freshwater reserves.

The most significant commitment made by Switzerland is to protect its environment and combat climate change. Switzerland has fewer greenhouse gas emissions per person compared to several other OECD nations. It has committed to becoming climate neutral by 2050 and has a strong recycling system.

Organized and Punctual

Switzerland's culture may be your bowl of fondue if being on time is your thing. These renowned watchmakers take being on time very seriously. In Switzerland, punctuality affects every aspect of daily life. For instance, in the business culture of Switzerland, punctuality is crucial for success. In Switzerland, you can expect your public transit to arrive on time as well.

In addition to having precise scheduling, Switzerland has one of the world's most reliable, effective, and widely used rail networks. Simply said, a big part of your total experience living in Switzerland should revolve around outstanding organization and efficiency.

Diverse Culture

Living in a nation with four official languages will provide you access to a diverse range of cultures. In addition, despite Switzerland being a small country, there is a surprising amount of variety due to the 26 cantons that operate largely independently as administrative regions. Recent years have seen a growth in immigration to Switzerland as well.

Around 38% of the 8.6 million permanent residents in 2019 had a history of migration. In addition, Switzerland is home to numerous multinational corporations with foreign ownership. Many international students and workers are drawn to Switzerland by these businesses and the nation's leading colleges.

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Cons of Living in Switzerland

High Cost of Living

Benefits of a high standard of living come at a cost that foreigners may need help to deal with. The world's largest firms offer wonderful chances for employment, but if you live in Zurich, Bern, or Geneva in particular, you'll have to deal with living in three of the most expensive cities in the world. As more than 60% of Swiss citizens rent, there is a huge demand for housing.

Reserved Culture

For the most part, it's simple to appreciate the Swiss way of life's organization and practicality, but it can be challenging for expats to adapt to its rigidity. Such discipline applies to interpersonal connections as well. In a recent poll of foreigners living in Switzerland, 62% reported having trouble making friends with Swiss people.

Most Swiss people keep with their existing social network, that’s why they may take their time before inviting a colleague to a meeting outside of work since they respect others' privacy. This can be a cultural difference for an expat used to a friendlier community. Be open to making friends from all diverse backgrounds as one piece of advice for living in Switzerland.

Sunday Shutdown

Switzerland regards Sundays as rest days and almost all businesses are closed. The Swiss people place a high value on work-life balance, and Sundays are a day to spend with family as well as a day of rest. Certain stores, such little convenience stores at gas and train stations, might still be open. Several restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries might be open early.

You should also refrain from making any loud noises that can disturb anyone nearby as it is a rest day. Knowing in advance that most businesses are closed on Sundays makes it much easier to navigate the city and arrange your plan better. Even though it could take some time for you to get used to it at first.


Switzerland has a high cost of living, strict restrictions, and a lack of social friendliness among its citizens. Yet for those who wish to lead a life that is not too stressful — the ease of getting a job, the flawless bureaucracy, the cleanliness, the order, the sense of security, and the peace you breathe are perfect.

The people of Switzerland are honest, and there is a strong sense of stability that affects every aspect of daily life.

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