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We are delighted to introduce you to The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, one of the world's leading centres for teaching, research and outreach on the region.

Since the founding of The Australian National University in 1946, the College has driven Australia's engagement and understanding of its neighbourhood. The work conducted here has established the University as a global centre of excellence in research, teaching and influence on Asia and the Pacific.

The College has its roots in the University’s Research School of Pacific Studies and the School of Oriental Languages, established in 1946 and 1952 respectively. The Research School of Pacific Studies was a founding institution of ANU, formed to drive Australia’s engagement with and understanding of its neighbourhood. The School of Oriental Languages was established to train diplomats and public servants in Chinese, and later Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia and Malay. Ten years later, the School became the groundbreaking Faculty of Asian Studies, the first and only faculty at an Australian university dedicated to a regional specialisation. In 2010, the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies and the Faculty of Asian Studies merged to form the College of Asia and the Pacific.

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