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10 Canadian Sayings to Help You Fit Rig…

10 Canadian Sayings to Help You Fit Right In (+23 Interesting Slang Words)

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Getting excited about moving to Canada is difficult to resist. The area is stunning, and the locals are renowned for being friendly. You start your day with a bowl of maple syrup, ski to work, and apologize to everyone you meet. Just be careful about running into any bears.

Being an international student has several advantages, including learning about and experiencing a new culture. Even if you speak English well, it may be difficult to grasp the local slang because it differs from nation to country. One of the English-speaking nations, Canada, may appear to share American slang, although it varies significantly.

Here are the top ten Canadian sayings to help you fit in:


In Canadian conversation, this word is used to end nearly all sentences. In fact, it can be used for a variety of things, including greetings, closing questions, making claims, and expressing surprise. While speaking with any Canadian, get used to hearing this. You might also start using it yourself.

Loonie and Toonie

It didn't take long for the nickname "loonie" to catch on when the Canadian $1 bill was replaced in 1987 by a coin bearing a picture of a bird, the common loon. This helped to set the stage for the naming of the freshly produced two-dollar coin as the "toonie" less than ten years later.


A phrase used to describe something or someone who is especially good. For illustration: "Sorry you missed the show last night. It was a real beauty.”

Out for a Rip

This expression has two different meanings. Going on a drive, usually something a little extreme like off-roading or snowmobiling, is one option. The other is when you hang out with pals and relax, unwind, and have fun.

Rink Rat

A person who regularly visits skating rinks.

It might be a hockey parent who is constantly watching their child play and practice, or it could be a young person who has no friends outside of the rink, whether or not they play hockey.


It's no secret that Canada's winters can be among the harshest and longest on earth. And other Canadians flee the snow by relocating south in pursuit of beach and sun, much like the birds who migrate seasonally to warmer areas. Therefore, "snowbirds" is a nickname for those people.


The biggest and most well-liked chain of fast food restaurants in Canada is Tim Hortons, which specializes in coffee and doughnuts. A double-double and timbits from Timmies are the epitome of Canada.


The federal and national police force of Canada is known as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). They are famous for their distinctive dress uniform, which is highlighted by a scarlet tunic and a broad, flat-brimmed campaign hat. They are also known as the "Mounties" informally.

Fill Yer Boots

This friendly saying, which means "do anything you want" or "help yourself to as much as you'd like," originates from the island of Newfoundland, which is located off the east coast of the Canadian mainland.


A kerfuffle may occur when two (or more) Canadians disagree or hold differing viewpoints. It can refer to anything from a minor skirmish to a full-fledged hockey brawl.

Here are some other Canadian slang words:

Canadian Slang Meaning
Washroom Bathroom
Hydro Electricity
Hang a Larry Turn left when driving
Hang a Roger Turn right when driving
Dinged Fined Money
Give’r Go for it
Canuck Canadian person
Pop Soda
Tap Faucet
Two four 24 beers
Molson muscle Beer belly
Gas bar Petrol station
Knapsack Backpack
6ix Toronto
Darts Cigarettes
Chesterfield Couch
Housecoat Bathrobe
Firehall Fire station
Mickey Bottle of liquor
Homo milk Whole milk
Brown bread Whole wheat bread
Runners Tennis shoes
Serviette Paper napkin

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