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Affordable MBA Programs in Europe

Affordable MBA Programs in Europe


If you've ever dreamed of earning an MBA without the hefty price tag, Europe might just be your ticket to success. Beyond its historic charm and diverse cultures, European countries offer a plethora of affordable MBA programs that blend top-tier education with a unique way of life. So, come along as we explore cost-effective MBAs throughout Europe. Your wallet will thank you!

MIB Trieste School of Management - Italy

Established in 1988, MIB Trieste School of Management is a dynamic institution fostering talent, leadership, and practical skills. With a global perspective, it offers various programs, including MBAs and specialized Masters, closely aligned with industry needs.

MBA in International Business - €25,000

  • Duration. Choose between a 12-month full-time program or a customized part-time option.
  • Language of Instruction. The program is conducted in English.
  • Delivery Format. Flexible hybrid model, offering both on-campus and online learning to accommodate individual schedules.
  • Scholarships/Tuition Waivers. Waivers offering up to a 50% reduction in fees are available.

Discover more about this and other Italian MBA programs in our full guide.

EMLV Business School - France

EMLV, the Leonard de Vinci Business School in Paris-La Defense, is a prestigious institution with a strong focus on innovation, digital technology, and interdisciplinary skills. Located at the heart of Europe's premier business district, Paris La Défense, EMLV is well-connected to the corporate world and fosters strategic collaboration with other De Vinci Higher Education schools.

MBA - €17,900

  • Duration. Intensive 1-year program.
  • Language of Instruction. The program is in English.
  • Delivery Format. Full-time, on-campus.
  • Scholarships/Tuition Waivers. Various merit-based scholarships are available, including the Dean's Scholarship, EMLV Early Bird Scholarship, De Vinci Excellence Scholarship, Eiffel Scholarship, and others.

France is a prestigious destination for MBA studies. Learn more about it here.

Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM) - Croatia

The Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZŠEM) is a distinguished private business school located in Zagreb, Croatia. Established in 2002, ZŠEM is dedicated to providing undergraduate and graduate education in economics, management, finance, marketing, and accounting.

Graduate MBA (specializations available) - €11,000

  • Duration. The Graduate MBA Program lasts 1 year.
  • Language of Instruction. The program is conducted in English.
  • Delivery Format. In-person classes are scheduled in the afternoon and on weekends, designed to accommodate working professionals.
  • Scholarships/Tuition Waivers. ZŠEM offers several tuition discounts for candidates applying to MBA concentrations, including payment in one installment, ZSEM alumni, high GPA in completed study programs, and more. Eligible candidates may receive a reduction in tuition fees of up to 25%.

ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon - Portugal

Established in 1972, the ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon is a pioneering institution in Portugal. It houses four schools, including the Iscte Business School, and boasts a diverse student body of around 10,000, with nearly 20% international representation from 80 countries. Committed to internationalization and innovative research, Iscte prepares students for successful 21st-century careers.

MBA in Sustainable Management - 16,000€ (EU students) 19,000€ (non-EU students)

  • Duration. The program is a 15-month course.
  • Language of Instruction. The program is conducted in English.
  • Delivery Format. It is a hybrid program with 25% of the program being in-person and 75% online. Classes are held from 6 p.m to 10 p.m, Monday to Thursday.
  • Scholarships/Tuition Waivers. Not specified.

Interested in MBA studies in Portugal? Check out our extensive guide.

United International Business School - Belgium

United International Business Schools (UIBS) has been committed to cross-cultural education since 2002. As a part of the United Institute, a globally accredited private higher education institution, UIBS offers a wide range of programs to students worldwide. UIBS offers flexible business and management programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, fostering international perspectives and collaboration.

MBA €17,280 - €21,600 depending on courses

  • Duration. Full-time students can complete a Master's degree in 1 academic year (9 months), while part-time students can earn their degree in 2 to 3 academic years, depending on course load.
  • Language of Instruction. All courses are conducted entirely in English across the campus network.
  • Delivery Format. Courses are offered in various formats, including daytime, evening, weekend, and online courses. The program is designed to accommodate different schedules and preferences, allowing for flexibility in course selection and delivery.
  • Scholarships/Tuition Waivers. Scholarships and student loans may be available through the school's academic council and local banks.

Learn more about pursuing an MBA in Belgium here.

Blekinge Institute of Technology - Sweden

Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), is a Swedish public institute with main campuses in Karlskrona and Karlshamn. With a focus on societal needs, BTH offers high-quality, research-linked programs in engineering and health for both national and international students. Their commitment to global sustainability and close collaboration with society and industry makes BTH a vital player in societal transformation.

MBA - Industrial Economics and Sustainability - SEK 120,000 (€10,070); Swedish/EU/EEA students exempt from tuition

  • Duration. This MBA program is designed for part-time study over two years.
  • Language of Instruction. The language of instruction for the program is English.
  • Delivery Format. The program is delivered through distance learning, with a mixed-time approach that allows students to study part-time from home.
  • Scholarships/Tuition Waivers. BTH offers two main scholarship programs: one for prospective students from non-EU/EEA countries covering 50% of tuition fees based on academic excellence and another for current students with excellent academic performance. Additionally, the Swedish Institute administers various scholarship programs, and students are encouraged to seek scholarships from their home countries.

Sweden is renowned for its quality education. Read more about pursuing an MBA in Sweden here.

University of Lodz - Poland

The University of Lodz in Poland boasts 13 faculties, a rich 70-year history, and nearly 26,000 students. This diverse institution is dedicated to research, education, and community transformation. It offers a wide range of academic programs with over 100 fields of study and promotes multiculturalism in a vibrant, tradition-meets-modernity setting.

Polish-American MBA - PLN 35,500 (€7,510)

  • Duration. The Polish-American MBA Study Program at the University of Lodz is a 2-year program.
  • Language of Instruction. The program is conducted in both English (approximately 30% of the time) and Polish (approximately 70% of the time)
  • Delivery Format. It follows a blended learning formula, combining weekend in-person sessions, synchronous online sessions, and the use of the university's Moodle platform for class support.
  • Scholarships/Tuition Waivers. Scholarships are available for eligible candidates, with the possibility of utilizing a scholarship fund for those admitted in the first two recruitment periods. Additionally, there are refunds of the application fee and the opportunity to use the scholarship fund for certain admission periods.

Explore additional information about Polish MBA programs here.

Charles III University of Madrid (UC3M) - Spain

The University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) is a renowned institution established in 1989, committed to delivering top-quality education and cutting-edge research. With over 22,000 students, it ranks among Europe's leading universities. The university boasts a 90.6% graduate employment rate and a strong recommendation rate of 97.1% from its satisfied alumni, underlining its dedication to excellence and student success.

MBA - €13,500 (EU students) €19,80 (non-EU students)

  • Duration. The MBA program at UC3M spans 11 months.
  • Language of Instruction. All instruction is conducted in English.
  • Delivery Format. The program is offered full-time and on-campus at the Madrid - Puerta de Toledo campus.
  • Scholarships/Tuition Waivers. UC3M offers merit-based scholarships to reduce tuition fees for MBA students. In 2023-2024, up to 20 scholarships are available, ranging from €4,500 to €18,300, based on EU or non-EU status.

Curious about what studying for an MBA in Spain is like? Our Spanish MBA guide covers everything you need to know.

Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) - Greece

Founded in 1920, Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) is Greece's oldest institution dedicated to economics. Formerly known as the Supreme School of Economics and Business, AUEB boasts a mission to produce knowledge for the global economy, nurture responsible citizens, and address modern challenges. Additionally, it offers some cheap MBA programs that don’t compromise on quality.

MBA International - €9,700 full-time, €9,900 part-time

  • Duration. The full-time MBA International program has a duration of 16 months, divided into 5 +1 academic periods, each consisting of 7 weeks of classes, followed by 1 week of exams. The part-time MBA International program spans 27 months, divided into 10 academic periods, each with 7 weeks of classes and 1 week of exams.
  • Language of Instruction. The language of instruction for both full-time and part-time MBA International programs is English.
  • Delivery Format. Full-time MBA International: Daytime for core, evening for electives, occasional Saturdays. Part-time MBA International: Evening classes, 6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Preparatory courses are available before the regular program starts.
  • Scholarships/Tuition Waivers. Both the full-time and part-time programs offer scholarships. The full-time program 2023-2024 has up to 20 scholarships covering net enrollment fees, ranging from €4,500 to €18,300 for EU and non-EU students. The part-time program also provides scholarships.

Europe offers several excellent MBA programs with affordable tuition fees. It's a great opportunity to advance your career without breaking the bank. Take a closer look at these options, and don’t forget to explore MBA scholarships in Europe—you could discover a fantastic match!

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