Beijing Universities Start Immediate Student Vaccination According to National Immunization Plan

China Asia COVID-19 by Erudera News Mar 23, 2021


Universities in Beijing have started implementing vaccination campaigns this weekend in order to accelerate the process of immunizing the population.

This action is part of a national immunization campaign aiming to vaccinate 40 percent of the population by June, reports.

A statement issued by Beijing Jiaotong University claims that around 22,000 individuals will be vaccinated in the university, including all students from age 18 to 59 and other faculty members who haven’t been inoculated previously. According to campaign guidelines, all first doses have to be allocated within over six days.

The Communication University of China has established ten registration stations and five vaccination sites in their university arena for this purpose.

So far, about 400 students and faculty staff members from the Communication University of China and the Beijing International Studies University have been vaccinated. Another 18,000 college students are set to be vaccinated in the next six days.

To progress towards the national goal of including more people in the immunity plan, Chinese universities have been actively promoting vaccination and public education.

Besides the Beijing Jiaotong University, other universities in the city have also started vaccinating their students, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, and the Renmin University of China.

Previously Tsinghua University in Beijing has published rigorous rules against the COVID-19 pandemic, permitting students to leave campus unless absolutely necessary.

China has launched an ambitious plan to vaccinate half of its 1,443,327,657 population in four months against the COVID-19 virus. About 65 million doses have been administered to Chinese authorities until March 14, counting an average of four million shots per day.

According to Zunyou Wu, Quanyi Wang, and Jing Zhao, after 56 days of no COVID-19 positive cases in Beijing, the first new case was recorded on June 11.

The virus was found in a man in his 50s who had no travel history but had been visiting only the Agricultural Wholesale Market in the previous 14 days. Following the case, 335 confirmed cases had been isolated at the Beijing Ditan Hospital.

The second outbreak of COVID-19 in Beijing has been handled appropriately, with highly sensitive surveillance, immediate response, and rapid containment, controlling a high potential outbreak similar to Wuhan’s, as the article reads.

“The outbreaks in both Wuhan and Beijing were linked to seafood markets, but further investigation is required to determine the root cause,” the article further reveals.

According to Chinese state media, more than 60 countries have authorized the Chinese vaccines, with only Beijing approving four own vaccines to utilize for its population.

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