Cambridge University Launches Package of Support for Students & Academics Displaced by War in Ukraine

the building of Cambridge University in England

University of Cambridge has launched a package of support for students and academics who were forced to leave Ukraine due to the war, the university has announced.

The “Cambridge University Help for Ukraine,” which has been developed in partnership with the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian universities, also includes fully-funded residential placements for more than 30 students and academics, Erudera College News reports.

According to the announcement, the program will also support students and academics who are unable to return as well as those who remained in the country to ensure that Ukrainian higher education continues to operate.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Cambridge Kamal Munir said that Cambridge University, as a preeminent institution of higher education, thinks about students and academics whose lives have been disrupted by the war; therefore, it has launched the package of initiatives.

“To begin with, we will be hosting displaced graduate students and displaced faculty members, academics, and scholars from around Ukraine in our departments and faculties. We will also be hosting between 20 and 30 medical students who will come to do clinical placements at the Cambridge University,” Munir stressed.

In addition to the “Cambridge University Help for Ukraine,” Munir noted that the university is working on other projects, including curriculum mapping of Ukrainian schools and also of the schools in which displaced children from Ukraine are now studying.

“We are also looking at putting together English language courses for our friends in Ukraine,” he said, pointing out that the university community is proud of the way Cambridge has stepped forward to help friends and colleagues in Ukraine during these tough times.

President of Cambridge University Ukrainian Society, Oksana Hetman, expressed delight that the university is announcing a new package of support to bring Ukrainian students and researchers with their families to the UK so the latter can continue their studies and research in safe conditions.

“We are also happy that the university found ways to support students and researchers who are still staying in Ukraine because they still have to continue their education and develop the science globally for a better future of our world,” Hetman added.

Students from Ukraine are already supported under a hardship fund at Cambridge. Some 21 students who have been directly affected by the war in Ukraine have been receiving assistance from the University’s Ukrainian Conflict Student Hardship Fund.

As part of the support package, the university plans to support evacuated Ukrainian schoolchildren to continue their studies.

Cambridge has developed programs to support students and scholars affected by Russia’s war on Ukraine.

In October this year, some 20 students are expected to study at Cambridge, supported by scholarships such as The Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentship, a program established by the Cambridge Trust to support undergraduates and graduates from conflict zones applying to pursue studies at the university.

Under the scholarships, students will have their tuition fees fully covered and will be assisted with other expenses including travel, visa costs, and the immigration health surcharge. 

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