Denmark Will No Longer Provide State Student Grant For Studies in Russia & Belarus

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Denmark will no longer provide state student grant statens uddannelsesstøtte (SU) to Danish students and EU nationals pursuing studies in Russia or Belarus.

The decision was taken on Thursday after the majority in the parliament voted in favor, meaning that these students who stay in Russia or Belarus in exchange programs will need to support themselves.

As The Local has reported, the new rules excluding Danish students in Russia and Belarus from the state grant come in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that started on February 24.

The report highlights that the Far-right former Danish People’s Party legislator Marie Krarup, now an independent, was the only member of the parliament to vote against the bill as she opposes Western actions against Russia. 

The law becomes effective as of April 28 and will expire on January 1, 2024. According to The Local, the law has a “sundown clause”, which means that it will automatically expire after the date.

Statens Uddannelsesstøtte is a state educational grant provided to Danish students enrolled in programs of study at universities across Denmark or abroad but also to EU students enrolled at universities in Denmark if eligible for the grant or scholarship.

Students receive around 5,500 kroner monthly after taxes which can be used to cover their living expenses.

Higher education sector in Denmark has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, saying that it is an unprovoked attack on Western democracy and European values.

On March 1, Universities Denmark, the organization of the eight Danish universities, has offered support to Ukrainian researchers, staff and students and also announced decision to suspend all cooperation on education and research with Russian and Belarusian partners.

“Thus, the Danish universities have decided to suspend all bilateral institutional cooperation with Russia and Belarus in innovation, education, and research. It entails but is not limited to suspending the exchange of students and scientific personnel going forward. Also, researchers employed by the Danish universities cannot attend scientific conferences in Russia and Belarus,” the organization said.

Following the announcement of Universities Denmark, the Executive Board of University of Southern Denmark (SDU) decided to:

  • Cease cooperation in research with institutions in Russia and Belarus
  • Not reach any new agreements on cooperation with Russian and Belarusian partners
  • Suspend exchange agreements at the end of the semester
  • Suspend travel and conference activities in Russia and Belarus.

“As a university, SDU is concerned with treating students and staff properly and respectfully regardless of nationality and background,” SDU noted.

Denmark has supported Ukraine with nearly €67.2 million in humanitarian aid and other types of support.

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