France Recorded a 50% Rise in Number of US Students in 2021/22

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The number of students from the United States attending French higher education institutions increased by 50 percent in 2021/22 compared to the previous academic year, according to data from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Ministry’s figures published by Campus France, an organization promoting French higher education abroad, show that there were 6,179 US students in France in 2021/22. That was also a slight increase of five percent over five years, specifically between 2016 and 2021, reports.

Previously, France recorded a decrease in the number of students from the US, along with those from Germany, which during 2021/22 increased by 17 percent. On the other hand, according to the report, mobility from China and Vietnam has continued to decline by two and four percent over one year, respectively.

France belongs to the top five most attractive countries for international students, hosting thousands of them for many academic years. In 2021/22, more than 400,000 international students chose French higher education institutions to pursue their degrees. With apprentices in higher education, the number of international students in France reached 400,026.

According to the ministry, the number of international students in France rose by eight percent in 2021/22, the highest increase in 15 years, mainly attributed to the growth in European students.

“After a year of stagnation in 2020-2021 in the context of the pandemic (- one percent), the number of foreign students registers for the year 2021-2022 the stronger interannual growth since 2005: + eight percent,” Campus France notes.

Other countries with the most significant increases in the number of students in France are Lebanon (over 30 percent), Spain (over 25 percent), and Italy (over 16 percent). The top seven countries with the most students in France in 2021/22 were:

  • Morocco - 46,371 students
  • Algeria - 31,032 students
  • China - 27,479 students
  • Italy - 19,185 students
  • Senegal - 15,264 students
  • Tunisia - 13,661 students
  • Spain - 11,256 students
  • Côte d’Ivoire - 10,725 students

French business schools have welcomed more international students, an increase of 18 percent, although other institutions have also registered increases.

A joint study from Campus France and Kantar Public Institute found that nine out of ten international students recommend France as a study destination. A high share of respondents, 88 percent, want to also work at French companies, while another 88 percent want to return to France for tourism.

International students in France contribute high amounts to the country’s economy through their monthly spending, which is about €867. Students also pay about €2,822 in university fees.

>> International Students in France Contribute Nearly €5 Billion to the Country's Economy

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