Int’l Student Enrollment at Czech Universities Hits All-Time High – Ukrainians up 42%

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Universities in the Czech Republic received a record number of international students in 2022, enrolling a total of 54,770 students from 166 countries, which is 18 percent of all student population in the country, according to data from the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO).

Figures show that the number of international students in Czechia has increased by an average of three percent every year over the last decade, while from 2021 to 2022, international student enrollment rose by nearly six percent, reports.

“The number of foreigners at universities in the Czech Republic is growing continuously, by an average of 3 percent per year over the last ten years. The share of foreigners in the total number of university students will approach one fifth in 2022 compared to one tenth ten years ago,” the report by CZSO reads, showing the number of international students in Czechia hit a record high in ten years.

International Student Enrollment in the Czech Republic Over a Decade

Slovenia is the top country of origin for international students in Czechia. A total of 20,920 Slovaks enrolled at the country’s public and private universities, accounting for 38 percent of the international student population.

Slovaks were followed by Russians (7,645), who represented 14 percent of all international students, and Ukrainians (6,224) accounting for 11 percent. The number of Ukrainian students increased by 42 percent from 4,377 in 2021 to 6,224 in 2022, while Russian students dropped by 5.2 percent within the same timeframe, from 8,071 to 7,645.

Other countries of origin of international students in the Czech Republic were:

  • Kazakhstan – 2747 students
  • India – 1,815 students
  • Belarus – 1,074 students
  • Germany – 871 students
  • Italy – 785 students
  • China – 669 students
  • Iran – 573 students

As the CZSO data show, female international students surpassed their male counterparts in numbers. Of the total student population, 28,306 were women, while 26,464 were men.

Most international students chose business, administration and law courses, and many also enrolled in information and communication technology.

Academic Preferences of International Students in Czechia

“In recent years, the number of students in the fields of natural sciences, IT, education, and healthcare has been growing the fastest. On the contrary, interest in studying technical and social sciences is decreasing,” the report points out.

As per where in Czechia international students were distributed in 2022, the report reveals that the majority (27,767) settled in Prague, followed by 14,829 in Brno and 2,650 in Ostrava.

Close to 305,000 students enrolled at Czech universities last year, up from 303,633 in 2021. Of this number, 249,767 were domestic students.

>> 51% Of International Students in Czechia Were Women in 2021

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