Italy: Ministry Offers Scholarships to International Students & Italians Living Abroad for 2022/23

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Venezia, Italy

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is offering grants to international students and Italian citizens living abroad for the 2022/23 academic year.

According to the ministry, grants aim to strengthen international cooperation in cultural, scientific, and technological fields, promote the Italian language and culture as well as support the country’s economic system worldwide, reports.

Under the scholarship, students can attend only academic courses that are offered in Italy. Candidates should apply through the “Study in Italy” portal and should have valid passports and identity cards.

Study in Italy notes that several grant opportunities are awarded for a period of study of six and nine months. These opportunities include:

  • Master’s Degree (Laurea Magistrale) – students should have initially completed a bachelor’s degree in order to secure admission for the first year.
  • Courses of Higher Education in Arts, Music, and Dance (AFAM) – scholarships offered for students involved in arts, music and dance. Applicants for this grant must meet the entry requirements and academic qualifications set by the certain institution.
  • Ph.D. program – applicants must meet the entry requirements and academic qualifications as well as submit the admission letter to the relevant university.
  • Research projects under academic supervision – grants offered for research projects.

Differently, grants for Italian language and culture advanced courses are awarded for a period of three months. Applicants should be attending an Italian course at the university or at an Italian Cultural Institute to be eligible for this type of grant.

Ineligible for the grants are Italian Public Administration employees and their first-degree descendants.

Grants will not be offered to applicants attending courses in an international institution in Italy or abroad, in private institutions, research centers, and other institutions which have not received the approval of the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR).

Furthermore, Study in Italy notes that candidates who are enrolled beyond the legal duration of the course do not qualify for the grants either.

Successful applicants will receive funding for a period of study between November 1, 2022, and October 31, 2023. The deadline for these types of scholarships is June 9, 2022.

There are many renowned universities in Italy, each of them hosting thousands of students. According to Erudera, some of the most popular universities in Italy include:

  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • University of Genova
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna
  • University of Turin
  • University of Florence

The average amount that international students have to spend per month in Italy to cover living expenses stands between €700 and €1,000.

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