Norwegian Govt to Provide Protection to Ukrainian Students Who Were in NorwayBefore War

Norway Europe Higher Education News by Erudera News Apr 21, 2022

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The Norwegian government is proposing to provide temporary protection to Ukrainians, including students, who were in Norway before February 24 when the Russian invasion of Ukraine started.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Inclusion and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ukrainian students and workers in Norway are now feeling that their residence permits will expire and cannot be renewed.

In this regard, the government is proposing to extend the temporary collective protection scheme and include other groups as well, Erudera reports.

“An extension of the scheme of temporary collective protection will also include people who are in Norway as seasonal workers. This solution will help the group become asylum seekers,” the press release reads.

It states that the residence permit can be renewed even if the conflict in Ukraine continues.

The Norwegian government announces that it is also planning to promote a royal resolution on extending the scheme in the cabinet on April 29 this year.

On March 11, 2022, the government implemented a temporary collective protection scheme for people residing in Ukraine before the war who were displaced from the country.

In a bid to help Ukraine, the Norwegian government allocated an amount of NOK 2 billion as humanitarian assistance and noted that it will provide military equipment to the country.  

The government has also provided help to students from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus struggling financially due to the war. The Ministry of Education said that each student who is eligible for the support will receive a payment of around €1,191 (NOK 11,500).

The support scheme also includes Ph.D. students, who, according to the ministry, will receive a payment of €2,175 (NOK 21,000).

In a statement, the Minister of Research and Higher Education Borten Moe said that Ukrainian students in Norway have been struggling both financially and mentally, pointing out that it is important for the government that students from these three countries participate in the scheme.  

“These students are just as innocent in the war that has arisen as you and me,” the minister said.

Students who qualify for the aid include:

  • Students who have attended Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian universities, colleges, and vocational colleges
  • Ph.D. degree from the three countries
  • Self-supporting students who cannot access funding amid the crisis

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Directorate for Higher Education and Competence data indicates that as of the spring semester this year, about 150 students from Ukraine, 50 from Belarus, and 400 from Russia study in Norway.

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