Technical University of Munich Selected as One of Europe’s Most Innovative Universities

Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich (TUM), a top university in Germany, has been chosen by the European Commission as one of most innovative universities in Europe.

In a press release, TUM announced that EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel has appointed the university as a founding member of the Network of Innovative Higher Education Institutions, reports.

“The Technical University of Munich (TUM) will now have an even more effective voice at the EU level in the discussion on the future of education, research and innovation,” the press release reads.

Among 5,000 higher education institutions in Europe, 35 were nominated by individual EU member states or chosen directly by the European Commission, which said that the alliance of these most innovative universities across Europe has an objective of shaping the future of research, teaching and innovation together.

Following the selection, TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann expressed his gratitude to the Commissioner for her decision.

Commenting on the decision, Hofmann said it is a proof of the international visibility of the university’s persistent changes and a force with regular positive feedback on the development of the academic sector in Germany.

“We are consolidating our strengths with those of the other EU network partners in order to make crucial contributions to Europe’s success in the global footrace for talents and technologies,” Hofmann stressed.

In May 2022, Commissioner Gabriel visited TUM, during which visit she advocated a new European innovation agenda dedicated to the next generation of innovators. According to the university’s statement, Gabriel was positive that students graduating from TUM would have an important role in innovation.  

The Technical University of Denmark, which is an important partner of TUM’s EuroTech Universities Alliance, was also among the institutions selected as the most innovative in Europe.

The Technical University of Munich was established in 1868, and it is considered the best university in Germany and one of the leading universities in Europe. It was one of the first universities in Germany named a University of Excellence.

The institution has 11 schools and departments and is the home to 48,296 students, 38 percent of whom are international students.

Currently, among all students at the university, 17,567 are female students, 36 percent of the total number of students.

During the 2020/21 academic year, 9,506 students completed studies at TUM. Some 3,587 of them were women and 3,040 were international students.

In 2020, TUM achieved another success, as scientists from the university made 211 inventions as part of their research work.

>> 836 Students at Technical University of Munich Received Scholarships in 2021/22

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