Ukrainian Universities Postpone Activities for Undetermined Time Due to Russian Invasion

Ukraine flag

Ukrainian universities are advising their students and staff to stay home until further notice, following the military attack Russian invaders launched in the early hours of February 24.

“The educational process at the university continues remotely. Our task is to act in an organized and responsible manner, consolidate efforts and maintain order,” Volodymyr Melnyk, a representative from the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, stated.

Since yesterday, February 24, the Ukrainian government has imposed martial law for the next 30 days and advised education institutions to provide distance learning whenever possible while students and staff stay at home, reports.

While the major universities in the country have been preparing for the situation, Dmytro Marakushyn, a professor at the Medical University in Kharkiv, which is located less than 50 kilometers from the border with Russia, told students that “there is no reason to panic” as the situation, according to him, is under control.

Universities internationally have offered assistance to Ukraine, starting with the European University Association (EUA), which revealed it is in contact with 26 Ukrainian members and is prepared to “provide any support that we can in this difficult and distressing situation.”

Some of the major universities in Romania, the neighboring country, have offered support to incoming migrants and vowed to help the Ukrainian universities to protect their assets and heritage.

“I think it is our duty to show solidarity and come up with concrete proposals to support students, professors, and their families,” the representative of the University of Bucharest, Marian Preda, said.

In addition, the rector of Babeș-Bolyai University in Romania, Daniel David, urged all of his homologs to help Ukrainian academics leave the warzone and include them in higher education and research institutions in Romania.

Moreover, students from Latvia have urged their government to help counterparts in Ukraine to flee the country and continue their studies in the Baltic country.

Except for Ukrainian nationals, international students are at risk of their lives, as at present, there are several Indian students stranded in the warzone.

Previously, the Indian Embassy in Kyiv urged all of its nationals, including students, to immediately leave the country as the situation worsened. In addition, Air India operated a special flight to evacuate the students, which was successful on its initial attempt. However, a second flight couldn’t be operated by the Indian airline, as Ukraine ordered an emergency shut-down of all in and outbound flights of the country, leaving Indian students endangered.

It is estimated that around 20,000 Indian students are enrolled in Ukrainian universities, especially in dental, medicine, and aviation fields – which provide a good education infrastructure and more affordable tuition fees. 

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