University of Amsterdam Urges Int’l Students: Don’t Come Without Securing Housing First

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The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has called on all international students not to come to the capital if they are unable to find a proper place to live by August 15.

Such a call has been made as the capital of the Netherlands is dealing with a severe housing shortage, reports.

Since the accommodation request list of UvA is extremely oversubscribed, the University sent an email to all international students. The University warned international students that in the absence of secured housing, they would most likely be unable to find a suitable place to live.  

“The Amsterdam housing market is extremely challenging. Therefore, we urge you not to come to Amsterdam for your studies unless you have secured proper housing by August 15, 2022. Without the guarantee of a residence, you will likely find yourself in an unsustainable position,” the statement of UvA reads.

Taking into account the ongoing housing crisis, NL Times explains that the UvA has been trying to reduce the number of international students. However, this has been impossible as the current policy does not permit the University to put any limits on several courses of study due to the European Union rules.

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The UvA said for the NL Times that they submitted a proposed law change to the Minister, but the decision was not made as the previous Cabinet resigned. Now, the University is waiting for the new Cabinet to make a decision.

The Amsterdam student union revealed that around 4,720 international students registered for accommodation. However, the University has only just over 2,400 rooms available, which means that it will be impossible to accommodate everyone.

Earlier in June, the UvA said that it was concerned about the substantial increase in the number of international students, amid the ongoing housing crisis.

The Chairman of the University’s board, Geert ten Dam, said that the workload of professors is also increasing. In addition, she noted that since students might face struggles finding housing, they will be missing out on their studies in their home countries.

The UvA currently has over 41,000 students, of which one-third are international students, 6,000 employees, and 3,000 PhD researchers. 

The University is one of the top broad-based research European universities and has a budget of €850 million per year.

The University recently introduced a new policy that aims to offer lecturers better career prospects, more security, and opportunities to develop professionally.

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