University of Arizona Rallies to Support Ukraine

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The University of Arizona has called its community to attend a peace rally in support of Ukraine and its people affected by the Russian invasion.

The rally, which has been announced for today, is organized by the University of Arizona College of Humanities and Department of Russian and Slavic Studies. In the announcement, the university says that it stands in solidarity with Ukraine, supporting those in the university’s community who have been affected by Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine, reports.

“Join us in the efforts to promote peace in the region and end the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine as we: Celebrate Ukraine’s vibrant literary and cultural history,” the university said in its call.

According to the announcement, speakers will include Tucson City Councilwoman Nikki Lee, College of Humanities Dorrance Dean Alain-Philippe Durand, Russian and Slavic Studies Department Head John Leafgren, faculty from the Department of Russian and Slavic Studies as well as University of Arizona faculty members from Ukraine.

This month, the University of Arizona Global leadership and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Liesl Folks met with students, faculty, and scholars affected by the war in Ukraine to see what type of support the university can offer.

During the meeting, participants expressed their concerns about the situation in Ukraine and highlighted the importance of supporting humanitarian aid.

In addition to the University of Arizona, other universities and colleges worldwide are already offering support to students and academics affected by the crisis in Ukraine, including those who fled the country.

The support that different universities have offered so far is financial, psychological, legal, and more, according to a list created by Erudera.

Although many universities have already acted in terms of providing support to Ukrainian students and staff and anyone affected by the war in Ukraine, some students would like to see their universities providing more support.

“One was actually from my English professor, who was really lenient with my deadlines which I greatly appreciated. But as far as I know, UW hasn’t made a public statement or showed support as much as I would appreciate. There are also a lot of resources available for UW students in general that Ukrainian students could use anytime,” Oleksandra Tymchyshyna, a student at the University of Washington, told Erudera.

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Hampton University has lately announced its support for Ukrainian students and staff affected by the conflict, inviting 50 to 100 Ukrainian and international students whose studies in Ukraine have been interrupted, to continue studying at Hampton for the 2022 Summer Session.

The University of Chicago also joined the list of higher education institutions offering assistance to students and academics affected by the war in Ukraine, offering full-tuition scholarships and other support.

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