University of Florida Ranks No. 1 in US for Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

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The University of Florida (UF) has been ranked for the second year in a row as the best institution in the country to offer an online bachelor’s degree program.

In addition to ranking it as the top university for online undergraduate programs in 2023, the US News and World Report, has also ranked UF as the number one university in the nation where veterans and active-duty service members can receive online bachelor’s degrees, reports.

According to the UF announcement, ranking as the top university for veterans to receive online bachelor’s degrees was achieved for the first time, and such an achievement means recognition of student retention and graduation rates, faculty qualifications, and university certification for attending the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon program.

“The ranking acknowledges UF’s tradition of support to U.S. military members, many of whom pursue their degrees from around the world,” the school said in a media release.

Commenting on the rankings, Andrew McCollough, UF Associate Provost for Teaching and Technology, said that the recognition of the UF online education is an honor to the team that works to offer programs and students who impact the program to be the best.

“Whether we are serving veterans, working parents, career professionals or traditional students, this evaluation suggests we are moving in the right direction,” McCollough said.

The University of Florida-Online is a public university offering fully online baccalaureate degree programs, established in 2014. This year, according to figures published on the university’s website, more than 4,000 fully online students are enrolled at the UF Online, coming from 45 US states and countries worldwide. The same indicated that 89 percent of online students re-registered or completed degrees within the next 12 months.

The US News and World Report 2023 also ranked UF as the No. 1 in the United States for best online bachelor in business programs and No. 4 for best psychology degree online.

Furthermore, several master’s programs offered online by the University of Florida are ranked among the best in the US, including:

  • education (No. 1)
  • business administration (No. 4)
  • engineering (No. 12)
  • UF’s non-MBA business programs (No. 31)

In September last year, the University of Florida was ranked the No. 5 public university in the United States for two consecutive years by the US News.

In October 2022, the University of Florida received the largest gift in its history. The school said that the donation of $100 million from the Dr. Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Family Foundation would be used to advance biomedical research at the University of Florida Scripps Campus, which officially joined the University of Florida last year.

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