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School of Aerospace Engineering of Tsinghua University was founded in 2004 on the on the basis of the Department of Engineering Mechanics and recruited some faculty members from other departments and universities.

The research in mechanics of the school is highly recognized. It is locating the leading edge in the nation and has international reputation. We have very strong faculty members. Many of them are playing active and important roles in academic societies, conference and journal editing. We have received many research awards on the ministry and nation level.

The school is now making great efforts to enhance the faculty in aero- and astro- nautics. In fact, we have made significant advances in the past years. We launched the first micro-satellite in China in 2000, and the second satellites in 2004. We will continue our endeavor in the researches in aerospace technologies.

The school boasts its excellent under and graduate students. Each year there are about 90 fresh undergraduates and about 90 postgraduates joining the school. The school provides a series of courses in fundamental theories and experimental training on mechanics and aerospace technologies. Except postgraduate students, our undergraduate students also have plenty of opportunities to get involved in scientific research. In recent years, with increasing reputation and international cooperation, the school attracts more and more oversea student.

The School of Aerospace Engineering will continue its efforts to construct a top school in mechanics and aerospace and welcome outstanding students from all over the world.

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